STRFKR announces new album, ‘Parallel Realms’

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Discover a new world of the British band with their latest single.

STRFKR is back, with the neon side of synthesizers and a new era full of electro pop, listen to his new single “Together Forever.” Find out all the details about their next album, don’t miss it.

“Together Forever” plays with bass and retro synth inspiration with the uniqueness of STRFKR, each beat is fully connected, giving us a sound in neon tones, fun and experimental from indie rock. You can now enjoy the music video starring the members of the band, directed by Connor Martin.

With the premiere of this third single, the American band announces Parallel Realms, their new album, which will be available March 1, via Polyvinyl Records. This project redefines the way of composing music for STRFKR, Now with a clear perspective from his long career, the ideas make sense to the rhythm of electropop. In his almost twenty tracks It reinvents itself in 80s synth pop sounds and opens the sound spaces to infinite possibilities.

  1. “Always – Never”
  2. “Holding On”
  3. “interspace 2”
  4. “Feelings”
  5. “Together Forever”
  6. “Under Water – In Air”
  7. “Armatron”
  8. “interspace 3”
  9. “Chizzlers”
  10. “interspace 4”
  11. “Running Around”
  12. “Carnival”
  13. “Lot Of Nice Things”
  14. “interspace 5”
  15. “Waited For It”
  16. “Something To Prove”
  17. “Leaving”

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