SZA, blunt against the leaks of her songs: “It’s selfish”

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SZA has been one of the great protagonists of 2023. Proof of this are the data and successes it has achieved thanks to S.O.S.. Not only has she managed to position herself at the TOP of the most important charts around the world, but she has also become the artist with the most nominations for the 2024 Grammys: Nine nominations place it as one of the great favorites in what is considered the most important awards gala in the music industry.

However, she tries to make light of the matter in her last interview with Variety, precisely because it has already found itself in this position in the past, when it received 5 nominations for CTRL in 2018—: “I’ve lost enough times to know that getting too emotionally involved right now is not wise. Not because it’s not important—I’m very happy about that—but because what should prevail is who you are as an artist and a person. “It’s my first time being so popular, and at the same time I’ve also seen an increase in negativity against me.”

Apart from this, Solana has revealed details about WOOLthe deluxe edition of his recent album. This project, which will be composed of between 7 and 10 unreleased songs, It is titled in honor of his first tattoo. When he did it, he didn’t have enough money to complete the six letters of his first name and “it became my nickname for no reason,” he explains.

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“Originally, I was going to release some outtakes and new songs, but it’s turned into more than I expected. It was going to be very soft, because I’d already expressed all the strong points, and I just wanted to go on autopilot and not think about it.” too much. I’m satisfied with saying shit that meant absolutely nothing,” she adds.

Furthermore, he states that WOOL is “definitely an album with its own identity. I could randomly release a new album, because no one expects that from me right now, but I don’t know if it’s time to be consistent or carefree. On the one hand, I’m like, ‘What would Beyoncé do?’; but on the other hand, I’m also deeply inspired by people who do whatever they want, like Frank Ocean and Andre 3000. Some of my favorite songs were I uploaded them to SoundCloud, because I did it totally without any kind of pressure.”

Your opinion on the song leak

Like Dua Lipa (and her Future Nostalgia), Kim Petras, Ariana Grande and dozens of other artists, SZA has also had her songs leaked ahead of time. Something that makes him deeply angry.

“When people leak my songs, they ruin them. From then on they are no longer mine; They are yours. It’s something unfinished that they decide is ready to be shared (when it’s not). And my reaction is: ‘Fuck you, I’m not going to publish it anymore.’ Play the leakbut Don’t force me to release music, because now I’m ashamed of this ‘not so correct’ version that you have decided to put out on your own, putting me in a very uncomfortable creative place, when you could have simply waited for me, but you are that selfish,” he expresses.


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