Taylor Swift and Beyoncé don’t make it easy for Usher to shine at his Super Bowl performance

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The Kansas City Chiefs have won this year’s Super Bowl and the millions of fans of the event around the world have been able to see how Taylor Swift She celebrated it by kissing her boyfriend, Travis Kelce in one of the most anticipated images of the day. Now many will say that she has been the team’s great talisman this season.

But it wasn’t the only great moment of the night. Beyonce has stayed with everyone by starring in one of the coveted advertisements, one in which he announced the launch of his new album, the eighth of his career and the one that will take the baton of Renaissancefrom 2022. He instantly released two new songs from the album on platforms that make it clear that it is a tribute to country.

But none of them was the musical protagonist of the day, for that they had hired Usher which was somewhat overshadowed by these two women. During halftime he took over Allegiant Stadium, in Las Vegas, for his thirteen-minute performance.

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The show begins

He started sitting on a sofa in the middle of the field that pretended to be a diamond. And he appeared dressed all in white courtesy of Dolce & Gabbana. Silver gloves and a way of dancing that was impossible not to think about Michael Jackson. It is not the first time they have been compared.

The artist of the two thousandths who left so many successes and who has just smashed it with his residency in Las Vegas, started with Caught Upone of his greatest songs Confessionsfrom 2004. And that’s where it started a journey through its three decades of success with topics like U Don’t Have to Call, Superstar either Love In This Club. Surrounded by dancers, it seemed, at times, like a Cirque du Soleil show.


His first guest was Alicia Keys with his piano. Dressed in a stunning diamond-encrusted red jumpsuit she performed My Boo and gave the show an R&B feel.

Jermaine Dupri was next on the list when performing Confessions, Pt. Iwhile the Oscar winner, HER, joined the celebration with impressive electric guitar solos on U Got It Bad and bad girl. By that time, Usher had already taken off his shirt, leaving his muscular torso visible to everyone.

Then he changed his clothes and put on his skates and showed that dancing cannot be resisted even on wheels. Moment, by the way, in which Michael Jackson was still present when we could hear the intro of Can you feel itof The Jacksons.

Then they paraded across the stage Lil Jon and Ludacris. He closed with two of his classics: OMG and Yeah.

With all of them he closed a show where we don’t know if he sang or danced better. What is clear is that not everyone liked her. A show like this has a lot of impact and receives millions of comments. Many Spanish-speaking audiences did not understand a show. And Usher had his big moment in the early 2000s and gained global significance, although in the United States he has always been revered, you just have to look at the success that his residence in Las Vegas.

However, the North American public better understands this artist who has given them so many years of music with which they have identified in their different stages. I was there Justin Bieber, a great friend with whom he has sometimes collaborated, enjoying his show and he has not been the only one. Many have been delighted with the show, making it clear that Usher is an artist of extremes.

Haven’t you seen his performance yet?


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