Taylor Swift celebrates her birthday by releasing The Eras Tour film to watch at home

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It’s no secret that Taylor Swift has a shark mentality when it comes to doing business.. The American singer can boast of having starred in one of the biggest tours in the world thanks to The Eras Tour. After succeeding in the United States and Latin America, it will arrive in Europe next 2024. And yes, there will be a stop in Spain! Specifically in the Santiago Bernabéu.

But the thing didn’t stop there. Last October, good old Tay released the recorded concert in theaters. The film soon became the best premiere of a documentary film of the year. And cinemas around the world were filled with fans who enjoyed the show on the big screen.

But Tay, who will continue to make this concert profitable as much as he can, will give new life to this documentary. And, as he has announced on his social networks, On December 13th it will be available to buy or rent on different sites.

But it doesn’t stop there, it will be an extended version that will feature three songs that did not appear in the director’s first cut. Wildest Dreams, The Archer and Long Live join The Eras Tour Concert Film. A demand for all those fans who have already seen the film to enjoy the show again with additional content. The singer communicated the news with the following message:

“Hello! Well, basically my birthday is coming up and I thought a fun way to celebrate the year we’ve spent together would be to make the Eras Tour concert film available for you to watch at home! I am very happy to tell you that the extended version of the film, including “Wildest Dreams”, “The Archer” and “Long Live” will be available to rent on demand in the US, Canada, and other countries to be announced soon starting on… you guessed it, December 13th.

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December 13: a very special date

Taylor Swift will release The Eras Tour Concert Film at home on a very special day: December 13th. This is the same day that the artist will blow out 34 candles. A return to the sun where she has a lot to celebrate. And 2023 has been a very special year for the star. And she hasn’t stopped working. But not only that. Tay has also fallen in love again. The singer has started a relationship with the American football player: Travis Kelce.

We’ll have to see how the star decides to celebrate her birthday this year. Will she have a party with her friends or enjoy a trip with her partner?


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