Taylor Swift: new stone in the shoes of Olympique Lyonnais

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Taylor Swift will perform on June 2 and 3, 2024 at Groupama Stadium in Lyon. Problem is, the Olympique Lyonnais football club will probably have to play a decisive match on this date at home.

Taylor Swift definitely has one foot in the world of football! European football, although his lover is a star of the American variant. The singer had already shown her colossal influence during the election of the “Golden Boy” 2023, as we mentioned in September.

The “swifties” colt Jude Bellingham won the famous trophy this month, proving the superiority of the American in areas where one would not expect it. His notoriety could well once again shake up the world of football.

Olympique Lyonnais is the legendary club of the Rhone city. Owner of its keep, the Groupama Stadium, the club makes ends meet by letting artists perform. The 60,000 seats in the venue make it possible to welcome stars, such as Coldplay who will perform there in 2024.

As part of her big Eras Tour, Taylor Swift will give two already sold-out concerts, on June 2 and 3, 2024. Problem is, OL’s cataclysmic sporting record could push the club to fight to stay in the first division, and the The date of the decisive match in Lyon is June 2!

Thus, if the situation remains like this for Olympique Lyonnais, the club management will have to find a new venue or reach an agreement with Taylor Swift in order to ask her to postpone her performance. A decision which would surely worsen the situation of OL who have not been spared anything this season, and who certainly do not need to alienate the army of “swifties”.


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