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Judas Priest – Crown of Horns

After releasing the third single from his next album, Judas Priest unveils the music video for “Crown of Horns”, made up of images recorded in the studio. Enough to wait before March 8, the release date of Invincible Shield, the album from which this title is taken.


The release date of the Norwegians’ next album is fast approaching. But before February 23, discover “Moon”, an epic and melodic new extract, which continues to reveal the qualities of Fall while exposing the mastery of Borknagar.

Cannibal Corpse – Vengeful Invasion

Not content with having released the album Chaos Horrific in 2023, the pioneers of American death metal continue to promote it with a new music video, which poses images on “Vengeful Invasion”. Enough to once again explore the enjoyable brutality of Cannibal Corpse.

The Warning – S!CK

The Mexican hard rock trio launches at full speed with “S!CK”, a new potential hit which shows that they have not lost their energy. This same energy will be presented through a European tour, whose Paris date planned at the Alhambra in April is sold out.

Týr – Axes

Still deeply inspired by Nordic folklore, the Faroese group Týr unveils a new single entitled “Axes”, whose lyrics “ happy with the glorious and bloody hand-to-hand combat taking place in the Viking Age. To be found in Battle Ballads, their next album, scheduled for April 12.

Ace Frehley – Walkin’ on the Moon

The former KISS “spaceman” continues to reveal little by little the content of his next album, entitled 10,000 Volts. So, here is the spacey “Walkin’ on the Moon”, in which he shows himself as skillful on the guitar as ever. See you on February 23 for its release.

Leaves’ Eyes – Who Wants to Live Forever

The German group Leaves’ Eyes releases a new single, entitled “Who Wants to Live Forever”. Contrary to what its title might suggest, it is not a Queen cover, but a new extract from Myths of Fate, their next album, which is scheduled for release on March 22.

The Halo Effect – Become Surrender

The melodic death metal supergroup, including Dark Tranquillity vocalist Michael Stanne and former In Flames guitarist Jesper Strömbald, pumps its fist with “Become Surrender,” its new single. It comes from Days of The Lost, The Halo Effect’s first album, released in 2022.

Morbid Saint – Rise From the Ashes

The cult thrash band is making a comeback with Swallowed By Hell, their first album in nine years. Before its release, scheduled for this Friday, February 9, take a dose of supersonic riffs and aggressive rhythms typical of Morbid Saint with “Rise From The Ashes”, their latest single to date.

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