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This is it for 2023, it’s time to put a stop to what the year has given and look ahead to the year ahead. But first, a little balance and that allows us to remember and review some of those songs who have been accompanying us in the last twelve months.

We have heard many and, from some, we have kept phrases engraved in our brain because they have transmitted something to ushave seemed curious to us or have simply caught our attention.

Nothing better than getting nostalgic to review these 40 phrases taken from songs of this 2023. I suggest that before looking at the singer and his song, you try to see if you are able to locate it yourself.

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40 phrases taken from songs of 2023

#1. Started to cry, but then remembered I can buy myself flowers (Miley Cyrus. flowers)

#2. Women no longer cry, women make money (Shakira & Bizarre. Session 53)

#3. You were not the first, nor will you be the last, but how I wish, yes, that you were the only one. (Mike Towers ft Quevedo. English beach)

#4. Your strawberry mouth, my mint mojito, beautiful things, in the end they meet (Vicco. Nightlight)

#5. The one who told you that a void is filled with another person is lying to you. It’s like covering a wound with makeup, you can’t see it, but you feel it. (Karol G ft Shakira. TQG)

#6. Smoke as if they were going to kick you out for smoking and dance like I know a god would move when dancing. (Rosalia ft Raw Alejandro. Kiss)

#7. That when you meet that person, that when it’s your turn you become obsessed, if we walk away it doesn’t work. (Aitana. The Angels)

#8. Missing you has me with red eyes, being alone is not the same as being alone in love (Manuel Turizo. The meringue)

#9. You’re stuck on me like a tattoo, all I care about is love (Lauren. Tattoo)

#10. Tattooing the entire Bible is not going to help you forget about a love that is not going to end (Sebastian Yatra, Manuel Turizo & Beele. Homeless)

#eleven. Take out the handcuffs, baby, I’ll get ready and put me in house arrest, I don’t bother (Feid ft Young Miko. Classy 101)

#12. You have given me back the desire, I no longer feel lost, let’s jump out the window, what happens tomorrow I leave it to fate (Alvaro de Luna. Everything with you)

#13. I’ll show it to you in HD, one HP twerk, one hour, two bottles and straight to the hotel (Emily ft Ludmilla. not seen)

#14. Prove you got the right to please me, everybody knows (I’m not here for long), catch me or I go Houdini or I’m leaving Houdini (Dua Lipa. Houdini)

#fifteen. We are born alone and we die in the soul of another, we are angels with a broken wing and we will be able to fly, only staying next to each other (Beret ft Mr Rain. Superheros)

#16. I’ve made some real big mistakes, but you make the worst one look fine. (Olivia Rodrigo. vampire)

#17. I can love you, but not hate you because a love as strong as you cannot be forgotten. (Ana Mena. Madrid City)

#18. What happened to us? That when we were fine it got complicated, that we loved each other so much and now we don’t, Cupid shot the arrow and screwed up, what happened to him? (Tini. Cupid)

#19. You can see in your face what you want to do: You’re going to go with me, even though you arrived with her. What else can I do? (Emily. GTA)

#twenty. And I ask heaven to understand these attacks of jealousy that come to me if I never see you again. (Saiko. Supernova)

#twenty-one. Think I forgot how to be happy, something I’m not, but something I can be, something I wait for/ I think I forgot how to be happy, something I’m not, but something I can be, something I hope (Billie Eilish. Was I made for?)

#22. Because you were the star, I was just a fan because you were my everything, I was just one more (Mafalda Cardenal. Your fan)

#23. Lost in the future, without a shadow of your voice, maybe silence will sound better (Old Morla ft Valeria Castro. Andrea’s love)

#24. You chose a path and I chose the path, we continue loving each other in different ways because that’s life and it tests you. (Enrique Iglesias ft Maria Becerra. This is life)

#25. I no longer want to be without you, Farrear is not the same if you are not here (Feid ft Row. Bubalu)

#26. To find you I always get lost, when I look for you among our memories it hurts, but if I’m honest I think I forgot to forget you (Marlon ft Alvaro de Luna. I forgot to forget you)

#27. I’m afraid of not being up to par, but with so much fear you can’t walk. I’m sorry I waited so long, I never wanted to screw up and I screwed up by waiting (Nil Moliner. fly high)

#28. Don’t cry for a fool, if he leaves you alone I’ll steal from you (Paula Koops. FOOL)

#29. And even if I lived three lives, I would always lack time to look for you again, to continue loving you. (Camilo & Manuel Carrasco. Saltpeter)

#30. Out of 10 I am a 100, I will do it too well so that it is not forgotten (Rosalia. Yours)

#31. You are the most expensive menu, it tastes like five stars to eat you (Marc Segui. 5 stars)

#32. Now silence has a name and surname, why do I follow you if you will leave and it will not be with me? (Miki Nunez. between a million)

#33. The truth on the table is the one I want to sleep with (Nathy Peluso. Silly)

#3. 4. I changed your sheets for others, maybe I’m the one who’s wrong, we were a team like the Estopa (walls. my best version)

#35. If they talk nice to me, I’ll get married without any dilemma (aha) and I’ll eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner. (Young Miko. Lisa)

#36. Every mornin’, I glared at you with storms in my eyes How can you say that you love someone you can’t tell is dyin’? Can’t you tell he’s dying? (Taylor Swift. You’re losing me)

#37. Because tomorrow will be beautiful, because the lion was just a kitten, because today the sky looks clear and no one can dull your shine. (Karol G. ft Featherweight. Tomorrow will be nice)

#38. To hear you breathe, to hear you moan, my heart was broken and for you it beat again, with you it’s an adventure and I like danger (Blackberry ft Saiko. Queen)

#39. Every song reminds me you’re gone, and I feel the lump form in my throat ’cause I’m here alone just dancin’ with my eyes closed/Each song reminds me that you’ve gone, and I feel like a knot is forming in my throat because I’m here alone just dancing with my eyes closed (Ed Sheeran. Eyes closed)

#40. Hey, people have to stop being so stupid and thinking they know the life of the ‘famous’. Wow, what a lot of podcast, what a lot of slimy, today I woke up hating like Laura Bozzo (Bad Bunny. Nobody knows)


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