The best and worst of the bus show at the second OT gala: “I trust you, but we understand why he left”

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How are we enjoying this new era of Triumph operation. The famous musical talent has returned with a bang thanks to Prime Video. This second week, the boys and girls of the Academy face the first nomination. And it is that Luke and Suzette They risk their position in the academy next Monday.

This Tuesday, during the first bus pass, we saw the first reactions of the teachers when listening to the students. And, although there is much to improve, we can already get an idea of ​​what is to come. At WECB we have compiled the most striking comments from the first bus show of the second OT show. Take note!

Lucas – Tell him

Manu Guix: “It’s spectacular how you sing it. In some note you miss it. Do what you like the most and enjoy. What you sing is spectacular

Mamen: It’s super good. It’s a performance that suits you very well. “I think he could really suck it.”

April: “I think you are very clear about the objective to whom you dedicate it (his girlfriend). Because the drama and the intensity are very enjoyable and that is going to be very good for you”

Suzette – A song for you

Manu Guix: I thought it was great

Mamen: I’m so excited to hear you get to the last word. The change is brutal. You’ve got a lovely mix in your doorbell. It’s magic.

April: It’s wonderful. You say every word, you chew it. Allow yourself the time to enjoy it.

Juanjo and Cris – Leave the door open

Noemí Galera; He looks like a bombshell. But, Cris, you didn’t go in halfway and then come out again.

Vicky: (About the dance) “We have to improve the dance, but it would look so good if it comes out”

April: “You have to leave the door open for things to happen. The choreography has done it for you, but you could add the two things. There is

Mamen: “Vocally it sounds brutal to you”

Paul and Martin – Little Green Bag

Naomi: Paul, my son, we can’t hear you. We have to schedule a masterclass on how to place the microphones. I wouldn’t know how to rate it. Either we get really worked up about the issue or you have too many points so that Monday doesn’t go well. I don’t know”

Manu Guix: “The second voice does not stop being there”

Mamen: “We trust that this will be. We trust that this will turn out well”

April: “If you are so wrong, don’t show it”

Violeta and Alex – I want to tell you

Noemí: “Violeta, I don’t know if she doesn’t vocalize at first or if it’s done on purpose”

Manu Guix: “You have to accept the changes. Crush your voice, learn it and I know it’s complicated (for Violeta). There’s a lot left to do.”

Mamen: “I’m not very happy with the vocal placements”

April: “You were lost. Violeta, you were trying to connect with him, but you were very alone. You have to find the engine for this to work”

Álvaro Mayo and Denna – The end of the world

Manu Guix: “Álvaro, you lack muscle. I’m not worried because it could turn out very well”

Mamen: “You are both quite nasalized”

April: “When you scream at the end, you have to do it more. It’s a sad song, but it has to be full of something. I’ll stick with that positive: Denna wasn’t there, there was the loser whose heart was broken”

Ruslana, Chiara and Eva – Walk like an Egyptian

Noemí: “I would go to your concert, but there have been some failures”

Manu: “You have a great number, but there is still a bit left to tile”

Mamen: “I would like him to be a little louder in his voice”

Vicky: “I loved it, I wouldn’t change anything, it’s incredible.”

Omar, Naiara and Salma – He left

Noemí: “I trust you, but we understand why he left”

Mamen: “I think you have to do a brutal voice filling exercise”


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