The Boombastic Festival advances part of its lineup: with Nicki Nicole, Saiko, Yandel, Natos y Waor, Álvaro de Luna and Mar Lucas among others

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Little by little there is less time until the heat, the holidays, the beach and the festival season par excellence arrive. Many of our favorite summer festivals have already shared with their audiences some of the artists that we will be able to see on stage during the coming months; the last to do so was Boombastic Festivalone of those that have gained the most relevance in recent years.

With different venues during the months of June, July and August, each year this event has added a new city to its date with young music during the summer and for 2024 they have included a new stop: PortAventura World (Tarragona) during July 4,5 and 6.

During these three days the music, the party and the good vibes will not rest, since in addition to the concerts, this location has several exclusive activities that all those who decide to attend the event will be able to enjoy: 2 theme parks, 3 stages, 1 water park, 6 themed hotels, more than 76 attractions and more than 40 artists.

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Precisely, some of those 40 artists who will be on those three stages of the Boombastic Festival We already know them thanks to the first preview of the poster that they have confirmed through Instagram. Among the headliners we find artists such as Natos and Waor, Saiko, Nicki Nicole and Yandel.

In addition, they have also revealed other singers such as Beret, Funzo & Baby Loud, Recycled J, Lit Killah, C.R.O., Alvaro de Luna, Jaime Lorente, BB Trickz, Mar Lucas, Luck RA, Dudi, Nano MZ, Blvck Sign, LI4M and Ramudo.

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Tickets, which have not yet gone on sale, can be purchased through the website itself. Boombastic Festival starting February 4. Even so, if someone really wants to go to the festival and cannot wait until that date, don’t worry, because the Boombastic has prepared a mega giveaway on its Instagram profile with which it will give away 2 tickets every 15 minutes during Thursday, January 25.

Where else will Boombastic be held?

Fever Boombastic It has spread throughout the country, and it seems that the festival cannot decide between north and south and, for this reason, they have organized an event in every corner of the country: Madrid, Alicante, Asturias and Gran Canaria join Tarragona.

In Madrid The festival will take place at Miguel Ríos Auditorium (Rivas Vaciamadrid) on June 16 and 17 and in Alicante will take place in the AREA 12 ALICANTE. At the moment, no artist has yet been revealed for these two dates.

Asturiasthe main venue of this festival since it is the place where the first Boombasticwill take place on July 18, 19 and 20 and some of the artists we can listen to are already known: Lola Indigo, Natos and Waor, Relays B, Saiko and Yandel.

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And meanwhile on June 21 and 22 the festival will be held in The Gran Canarian palms with names like Lola Indigo, Nicki Nicole, Relays B and Yandel.

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What festival are you not going to miss this summer?


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