The cover of ‘Venus’ by Zara Larsson without clothes that reminded us of another pop hit

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At the beginning of last year we saw Zara Larsson turn into Rapunzel for the cover of Vogue magazine. A year later we can enjoy the Swedish soloist transformed into the Venus de Milo thanks to the promotional photo session that she has starred in for the cover of his new album project.

Venus is the fourth studio album by the very young 26-year-old performer that will arrive worldwide on February 9. And just over a month after its release, she has revealed what will be the cover of this new album with which she hopes to reissue the successes of the previous ones.

“My album VENUS comes out on February 9. You love who you love this Friday! Pre-order if you are SEXYYYY” can be read in the post on his official Instagram account in which he revealed the aforementioned image. A very sensual pose in which a shell and loose hair is all she needs to avoid the censorship of the social network and not show more than she should.

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The fact is that looking at Zara Larsson’s spectacular photography we have inevitably been unable to remember another Venus that a few years ago shook the foundations of pop with a similar aesthetic. We talked, as it could not be otherwise, about Lady Gaga in Applause (and obviously in Venus), one of the catchiest songs in her discography and where she had no qualms about recreating Boticelli’s work of art.

Now the Swede takes up that baton, offering a first visual sketch of what we can expect in her new work. An album in which she has taken risks, she has stripped down and He has shown the most sensitive part of his soul.

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In an interview with NME he offered some details of what we can expect from Venus: “I wanted to do a bit of this and a bit of that. It’s very much me doing that! This record is still pop, but it also has an element of stillness.” There are definitely songs that are very raw and feel a little naked. It’s a little more dynamic: there are songs with a heavy bass, like club songs, but also songs that are just piano and a vocal track. So I think it’s a little more daring to not be one thing. I wouldn’t say it’s a concept album at all.”

Almost without realizing it, we are about to celebrate the tenth anniversary of Zara Larsson’s career, one of the most promising artists on the Swedish and international music scene. The voice that millions of people compared to Rihanna returns to current music to offer us her new musical adventure.


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