The Dial Tenerife Awards already have winners: from Luis Fonsi to Malú and David Bisbal

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The Dial Tenerife Awards have just announced their winners. The most important awards in Spanish music awarded by our sister network Cadena Dial. The station revealed this Thursday in a press conference the names of the artists who on March 14 will be able to collect their award at the Santa Cruz de Tenerife Fairgrounds in recognition of their latest works, their contribution to music in our language or even his career.

This 2024, those in charge of announcing the names of the winners of the Dial Tenerife Awards have been the announcer Carmen Ramirez, Edurne and Blas Cantó. The two artists will be the presenters who will guide the Tenerife gala in a few months, a task that the singer of Sunrise he already knows and that, for the first time, he will share with the Murcian.

In addition, the president of the Tenerife Island Council has also not missed the meeting at the Prisa Radio facilities on Gran Vía in Madrid, Rosa Dávila Mamelythe vice president Lope Afonso and the director of the Prisa Radio Musical Networks and Vincent Argudo.

All the winners of the Dial Tenerife 2024 Awards

  • David Bisbal
  • Sergio Dalma
  • Diego Torres
  • Beret
  • Nil Moliner
  • Alvaro de Luna
  • Dani Fernandez
  • Ana Guerra
  • Antonio Jose
  • Malu
  • Rozalen
  • India Martinez
  • Luis Fonsi (Special lifetime achievement award for 25 years of career)
  • Pastora Soler (Special lifetime achievement award for 30 years of career)
  • Gonzalo Hermida (New Dial artist)
  • Vicco (New Dial Artist)
  • Antoñito Molina (New Dial Artist)


At the gala of the Dial Tenerife Awards could not miss the luxury performances and this year they are strong. To the stage of Santa Cruz de Tenerife Fairgrounds will be uploaded Tow and Ha*Ash with Mar Lucas.

Tickets for the Dial Tenerife Awards, now on sale

The XXVIII edition of The Dial Awards ceremony will take place next Thursday, March 14 at the Santa Cruz de Tenerife Fairgrounds and will host, in addition to the award-winning artists, countless guests who will make the night unique.

All Spanish music lovers who wish to attend the Cadena Dial party in Tenerife can buy their tickets on the Cadena Dial website. You shouldn’t miss it!


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