The Dom Kiris Playlist for February 2024

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Our columnist Dom Kiris presents his February 2024 playlist. Find Gossip, Green Day and many others.

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Gossip – Crazy Again

Crazy pleasure to rediscover the sweet madness of Gossip. All about aerial guitars, “Crazy Again” is, at least in appearance, less cheeky than the Gossip of the 2010s. But the angelic voice of Beth Ditto hides her game well to announce the return of the rock’n’roller Motherfucker, still as striking as ever. .

Iggy Pop – Personal Jesus

It’s hard to go after Johnny Cash who made “Personal Jesus” the ultimate redemption song. Despite everything, the great producer of the 80’s Trevor Horn was right when he asked Iggy Pop to cover the Depeche Mode classic. A hit tailor-made for this voice blessed by the gods of rock’n’roll.

Brigitte Calls Me Baby – Impressively Average

We are sure to be the rock phenomenon of 2024. Brigitte Calls Me Baby is a concentrate of pop culture, sweeping away several decades of references. We cite both the French cinema of BB and the romanticism of Morrissey served with the sound of The Strokes, all sung in the comforting echo of Elvis.

The Jesus & Mary Chain – Jamcod

Jesus & Mary Chain is a small miracle of longevity. Almost 40 years of noise and feedback without losing any of their indie rock creativity. By adding electronic-based elements, “Jamcod” is proof that Glasgow’s loudest brothers Jim and William Reid are still in the game in 2024.

Foy Vance feat. Ed Sheeran – Guiding Voice

With his Peaky Blinder look, Foy Vance has a proud, typically Irish look. His voice and his music go hand in hand in the emotional register on edge. Supported by his protectors, Ed Sheeran, Elton John and Keith Urban, the mustachioed man marks ten years of “Guiding Voice”, his emblematic song.

The Lemonheads – Fear Of Living

Sweet on the inside, sour on the outside, The Lemonheads have kept their taste for sweet and sour Bubblegum pop. “Fear Of Living” marks the return of Evan Dando, the only survivor of the 90’s alternative rock group from Boston. Still as acidic as ever, he sings about the journey of a tumultuous life over a barbed guitar riff.

Johnny Montreuil Feat. Bazbaz – His Loves

The physical desire is palpable in “Ses Amours”, an infernal machine launched at full speed to blow the springs of the bed. Wildly rockabilly without being nostalgic, Johnny Montreuil hits hard, produced by Jean Lamoot, the director of the great fantasies of French rock.

Bernard Allison – Serious

Raised in the warm home of the blues, Bernard kept his promise to cover at least one song by his father on each of his records. Fifteen albums later, he has enough to compile a double tribute album to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Ruf Records, the label specially founded for the great Luther Allison.

Jesper Lindell – One Of These Rainy Days

After surviving many health problems during the pandemic, Swedish Jesper Lindell returns like the sun after the rain. “One Of These Rainy Days” is a glimmer of hope in a sky cluttered with bad luck. His love for The Band makes him the worthy representative of Americana without borders.

Dr Rock & The Famous Merengo – Instant Loving

This emergency doctor is a leader in the organization of major rock events, hence his unmistaken nickname. As for The Famous Merengo, only die-hard Steely Dan fans know the reference, but all you have to do is immerse yourself in his album to treat yourself to a dream weekend on the West Coast.

Dom Kiris’ playlist in our issue 159, available on newsstands and via our online store, with the cover of your choice. Choose between Bob Marley or Green Day.


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