The Inspector Cluzo: soon four dates in Paris

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The Mont-de-Marsan duo The Inspector Cluzo is preparing to give four concerts at the Maroquinerie, three electric and one acoustic.

The year begins under the best auspices for The Inspector Cluzo, who is preparing to give four exceptional concerts in Paris. See you at La Maroquinerie on February 28 and 29 and March 2 for electric concerts and March 1 for an acoustic concert. Places are available via the group’s official website. No emerging rock group in the first part, but a conference to raise awareness of agro-ecology, led by Professor Marc Dufumier.

They reassure the public: “In the end it will be the same in terms of spectators as a large hall and it will be more affordable for everyone. Different electric (3) and unplugged (1) concerts, meetings, proximity, Armagnac in a room perfectly designed for our organic music. »

These dates are part of the Running A Family Farm Tour, which follows the release of Horizontheir latest album, released in January 2023. Interviewed by the editorial team, they talk about the creative process, in particular their work with director Vance Powell: “Before each recording and without even listening to the model, he would ask: “Yes, well
 But what is this song about? “. The arrangements: he doesn’t care! Or rather, that’s not what takes precedence… The words must prevail over the melody; the natural sound of your guitar rather than a riff, the groove of the drums, your daily struggles, where you come from… Watch the documentary on the Beatles! It’s not the stacking of layers that makes you powerful, but the work around harmonies… Your singularity. This is why everything was first composed using an acoustic guitar and why the texts were the subject of even more particular attention. »


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