The Italian public surrenders to Aitana’s talent at Sanremo 2024

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We had been waiting all week for what could happen last night in Sanremo and it happened. Aitana and Sangiovanni opened the night of covers with a performance that conquered Spaniards and Italians in equal measure. From this side of the Mediterranean Sea we feel great pride, but on the other side they discovered and fell in love with the star who here, after six years, has already established himself as one of the most important pop figures in our country.

The Catalan performed yesterday Butterflies in the 74th edition of an emblematic and historic Music Festival. And she even dared to sing in the language of his collaboration partner! Farfalle opened the door to, who knows if in the not too distant future, the author of alpha may consider singing in the language of Dante Alighieri.

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The two artists descended the stairs of the Ariston Theater and captivated the audience from the first second. “She is a God”; “Seeing you smile together was enough to understand everything, Aitana is welcome to Italy!”; “Aitana we want a feat in Italian”; “Fantastic”; “Aitana in Sanremo 2025″… have been shared by several users on social networks.

Without a doubt, one of the details that caught the most attention was the costumes. A dress, from the Versace brand, bright with a yellow and silver checkered print, with matching stiletto shoes and hoops for earrings. Aitana stole the show with her presence and her great talent.

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Likewise, Aitana has wasted no time on her visit to Italiana. As on every trip she has already taken this year—Paris, Los Angeles and Barcelona—, the singer has not only reunited with her good friend Sangiovanni; She has also immersed herself in the culture, sharing some wines and the house’s specialty delicacy: pasta.

The young woman from San Clemente de Llobregat thus joins the Sanremo phenomenon that Ana Mena already experienced two years ago, when she presented Duecentomilla ore as a soloist and full participant of the festival.

Sangiovanni is full of praise for Aitana

After his musical number, Sangiovanni He took to his Instagram profile to thank Aitana for her generosity in accompanying him on stage. “Hello my friend, it was great to have you with me on that stage. It was a pleasure and an honor to have had you as a guest for something so important, and you definitely made it more special. I hope that from now on people who did not know your talent will start to do it,” he said.

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“Thank you Amadeus and Sanremo for believing in this piece and starting this journey, and Aitana for allowing me to take Farfalle to another country. This is amazing and it felt good to be able to come full circle. I thank those who allowed me to open it,” he added.

Just one day before, the young man from Vicenza already explained why he had chosen the interpreter of My love for her participation in this year’s Sanremo Festival: “She is a very strong and great artist in Spain. I want to recognize everything she has done for me, taking my music to another country, and I want to return that favor” by singing “the version spanish from Butterflies to make Aitana known in Italy.” And, precisely there, in Italy, both have achieved the achievement of having achieved their sixth platinum record in Spain with their successful collaboration.


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