THE JESUS ​​AND MARY CHAIN ​​”40 YEARS” only concert in Milan in April (Info and tickets)

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THE JESUS ​​AND MARY CHAIN, or the two brothers Jim and William Reid, will celebrate their 40th year of activity in 2024 with an autobiography (published by Orion/White Rabbit) and an important tour in the United Kingdom and Europe, which will also bring Alcatraz to Italy for an eagerly awaited appointment on April 17th in Milan.


40 years after their first single, The Jesus And Mary Chain release today jamcodethe first song taken from ‘Glasgow Eyes’, the album arriving on March 8th on the Fuzz Club – Cooking Vinyl label.

Don’t expect the Mary Chain to become jazz” underlines Jim Reid.

People should expect a Jesus and Mary Chain record and that’s certainly what Glasgow Eyes is. Our creative approach is the same as in 1984, just come to the studio and see what happens. We came in with a lot of songs and let them run their course.

There are no rules, it’s a sort of telepathy, we’re those strange twins who finish each other’s sentences.”

‘Glasgow Eyes’ was recorded at Mogwai’s studio, Castle of Doom, in Glasgow, where Jim and William previously met for the previous album, ‘Damage and Joy’ (2017), which became their highest charting album in the rankings of the last twenty years.

What has emerged is a record that sees one of the UK’s most influential groups embrace a second chapter in production, where their whirlwind of melodies and chaos now play in a more audible format, softened by their love of Suicide and Krafwerk and by a new appreciation for jazz.


‘jamcod’, the first single released today, welds dark electronica with the immense guitar sound that can only be William Reid, creating an instant yet radical Mary Chain classic. The song, and the entire album, feels like a return to the roots: from the incendiary debut ‘Psychocandy’ onwards, the Reid brothers have steadily become misfits with uncompromising good.

A career marked by intense, at times dark, but at the same time romantic music in which the past, present and future have always found great affirmation. Their music is a container in which time merges in a surprising alchemy, always leaving great space for experimentation.



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