The jury of ‘OT 2023’: “I would not like to be crucified”

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Triumph operation it’s back. The most important music program in this country returned to the screen this Monday, this time with Prime Video. The premiere took place live on the streaming platform with the presentation of 16 new contestants, Chenoa’s debut as a presenter and the renewal of the jury table. And precisely with the three people who are going to evaluate the next generation of the program we have spoken at WECB.

Our presenter and announcer Cris Regaterothe music producer Pablo Rouss and the artist Concha Buika are from now on the regular members of the jury of OT 2023. It is a great responsibility, a role for which no one prepares you. However, each of them faces this challenge with enthusiasm and a great desire to do their best to find the next stars of the music industry.

“To be a jury of Triumph operation “Life has prepared us,” Regatero says with a laugh, to which Pablo Rouss comments: “For everyone it is getting out of our comfort zone, so we are going to handle it as best we can, always from a professional and critical point of view. For us it is also a new experience, our first time on a set of this caliber. In the end we are having a similar experience, each one on their own, to that of the contestants.”

Criticism on social networks

Historically, the jury of Triumph operation has been one of the goals of the program’s haters. They are the ones who decide the future of the participants with their evaluations and, sometimes, these decisions are not well received by the most radical public. However, Cris Regatero, Pablo Rouss and Buika know what their role is and they are not too worried about that most unpleasant part of being a judge. OT 2023.

Chenoa, Anitta and the ‘OT 2023’ jury / Jose Irun

I am more concerned about what they suggest to me when making a decision or making a value judgment than what they may or may not say about what we are discussing.” madness states. Pablo, for his part, remembers that they are people who have to continue with their respective careers, so they will not have much time to dwell on the most negative things that can be said about them from social networks.

“I have always thought that a criticism is criticizable. Starting from that principle, what does it matter what they say? Alright. Why does it have to hurt me that you think something about me that is not positive?” Buika reflects. “You also have to put on your skin and laugh if you are criticized. Nor we have a positive opinion of everything and everyone. And for having a non-positive opinion about something I would not like to be crucified. Me to the haters…I don’t feel that such aggressive language is necessary, but it doesn’t offend me.”.

The contestants and the industry

The new jury Triumph operation It also talks about the industry and whether it is capable of absorbing the 16 new talents coming out of this edition right now. Be careful, here all three coincide. “The industry cannot absorb 16 new talents at once. The contest is made to make a preselection and then everyone will set out on their own path. The industry is very big and there is room for everyone,” says the singer of The solution.

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These are the 16 official contestants of ‘OT 2023’: hobbies, ages, styles and curious facts

The industry unleashes a billion talents every day. Then, those who really have to stay stay and others end up doing other things”says Buika. “Everyone goes towards their destiny and that does not mean that Triumph operation “It’s a wonderful experience.”

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