The KVB announce new album, ‘Tremors’

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After Unity in 2021, The KVB announces his return with a new single titled “Labyrinths” which is part of the album, Tremors.

Full of emotional impact and pop hooks, The KVB presents the first single from his new album, Tremors. Next April 5th, what would be the cold wave duo’s most complete album will be released via Invada Records.

“Labyrinths” It is leaning towards an imposing and aggressive production, where it takes you to dark corners. The music of The KVB has long reflected the dominance of the atmosphere of Nicholas and Katebut without a doubt they show us that their music has evolved at a more stylized and sharp pace.

The KVB describes their new single as “the most aggressive track on the album and a nod to some of our early releases. Lyrically it was inspired by the collection of short stories by Jorge Luis Borges and its references to historical subjectivity.”

Tremors was written between Manchester and Bristol, it is inspired by the band’s catalog and all the music that inspired them at the beginning of their artistic journey.

The band named the album as dystopian pop, where they add some themes from their previous albums such as dystopia, apocalypse and the human condition; but with a more pessimistic approach and deeper distrust. “It also touches on themes of loss and resistance, lament and acceptance of inevitable change.”

The video is a reflection of the album cover and the energy of the editing to convey the aggression of the song, they describe it as “a visceral assault of digitized nature” where they use CRT screens, textures glitch analogues and a black and white effect.

Listen to the new single and discover the visual effects that The KVB brings for us.

1. “Negative Drive”

2. “Words”

3. “Tremors”

4. “Labyrinths”

5. “In The Silence”

6. “Tremors (Reprise)”

7. “Overload”

8. “Dead Of Night”

9. “To Thirst”

10. “Deep End”


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