The MAY FIRST OF ROME 2024 concert will be held at the Circus Maximus

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The MAY FIRST OF ROME 2024 concert will be held at the Circus Maximus. The change of location is due to the renovation works affecting Piazza San Giovanni in Laterano in view of the 2025 Jubilee.

The 2024 edition will be held at the Circus Maximus which, with its evocative historical setting, will provide a spectacular stage to celebrate work and workers’ rights by putting social issues and current music at the centre.

Promoted by CGIL, CISL and UIL and organized by iCompany, the Concertone will, as always, be free to enter, subject to availability.
The latest edition was a great success live, on TV, on the radio and on social media, a central event in the cultural and social panorama that gathered hundreds of thousands of people in Piazza San Giovanni in Laterano, and millions of spectators connected through the various media.

The Concertone 2023 hosted some of the new and most relevant realities in the world of music alongside historical names and Italian icons on the majestic stage. Since the morning, the public has arrived from all over Italy and by early afternoon the main part of the square had already reached maximum capacity.

The artistic choices rewarded the 2023 May Day Concert, allowing it to obtain a result in terms of overall average share of 11.4% (+2.3% compared to 2022), the highest figure since 2009.

In terms of audience, with the exception of 2020 (for obvious reasons), the 2023 edition was the most viewed since 2011.

#1M2023 has reached over 20M views on TikTok. The base followers on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter increased, confirming the interest in the event of an audience with various tastes and different age groups. #1M2023 was a trending topic for the entire day with over 35 thousand tweets. #ildirittochemimanca, a hashtag launched live on TV by presenter Ambra Angiolini, was also trending.

Thus the anticipation for the new edition begins to grow, a transgenerational event which in recent years has been able to intercept and narrate the music that is about to arrive and focus on the most relevant themes of current social events.

A stage that annually showcases the emporium of Italian music, attracting people from all over Italy and beyond. Free and strictly live.



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