The nominations for Gala 5 of ‘OT 2023’ could have been different, according to the teachers: “It’s no longer enough to have a good time”

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The Gala 5 OT 2023 brought with it the welcome to a new yearbut also the sequence of each week: one expelled, one favorite, and two new nominees. On the one hand, while Salma was the one chosen by the public to leave the Academy, Chiara became the most supported of the week. And, on the other hand, Álex faces his second consecutive nomination; this time with Paul, who will defend himself on stage alone for the first time (after Gala 0).

The role of the jury is increasingly complicated, and every Monday we witness practically impeccable performances where mistakes or mistakes – no matter how small – take their toll in preventing the contestants from hearing one of their fetish expressions: “Cross the catwalk!”

The level increases program by program (for test: the ‘Ruslanazo’) and last night, Buika, Pablo Rouss, Cris Regatero and Miriam Rodríguez (as a guest) had to be precise and thorough in their evaluations. However, their decisions did not entirely coincide with those of the faculty headed by Noemí Galera. As spokesperson, The director publicly assured that “objective errors” occurred that had not been pointed out or had been overlooked, in addition to revealing that there were several contestants sick with sinusitis or gastroenteritis, among other ailments.

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For the teachers present on set (Vicky, Abril Zamora, Mamen Márquez and Manu Guix), The four who came to the fore should have been others and not Martin (whom they saved) or Álvaro Mayo. Despite everything, regarding the nomination of Álex Márquez and Paul have not had much to say, they find notable technical errors.

Nevertheless, They didn’t understand Lucas’s pass, which notably out-of-tune its entrance in the chorus. And on the other side, Chiara and Cris saw them as perfect vocally, but flat in performance and connection with the audience.

Given these forceful statements, Both she and Manu Guix have taken advantage of the gala review to review and explain their point of view with the students of this edition . Of the group song, the musical director of OT has put Paul’s beginning as the main ‘but’, “which was not good.” For the rest, “good group, good gala”… and that’s how it was.

Let’s Danceby Álex Márquez

“At the moment (and point) we are in, this is your worst pass and we cannot allow it no matter how much you enjoy it. The final is six. We have to be more rigorous and demanding; You have to go further and having a good time is not enough. Buika is right: excitement has led to your expulsion,” Noemí told him. “You are out of tune almost the entire song, when here you have made perfect passes (of tuning, of energy)… Why is this happening,” Manu added.

Dynamiteby Martin and Álvaro Mayo

Here Galera has been clear: “We do not understand the nomination of either of them. Dancing, singing in those positions… I think we have to value everything together. That we don’t agree with the jury is going to happen a lot of times, and that doesn’t mean that we don’t get along with them. “I wouldn’t want to be in their shoes, but we don’t agree at all… And next week it will probably happen again.”

“We see the work of an entire week and the challenge it entails. Álvaro I don’t see where; Martin maybe does at some specific moment, but I value the work of the week so much and I say: ‘how do you nominate this’, when there are other numbers simplest ones that I would have nominated,” said Guix.

Modern life, by Juanjo and Paul

“It’s okay; that is, Juanjo at the level of perfection that we are accustomed to, whatever it may be. It is very versatile. What I see is that you don’t, Paul. What I see is that You have what is not taught: the ability to transmit. I see you enjoy and you make me enjoy and for me that is the most important thing in an artist, regardless of their technical perfection. Being here, you have to ensure that your technical execution is in line with your level of transmission… and you will be the perfect artist,” argued Manu.

“You have to get people to want to pay a ticket to see you in concert, regardless of your performance. (…) From the jury’s evaluations (and ours), keep what works for you,” Noemí reiterated.

Stumblin’ inby Chiara and Cris

“It leaves me the same and it bores me (it’s the flattest performance of the entire gala). I’m very sorry, because you sing like a motherfucker. The level of vocal execution is perfect (you look like a record), but it’s there and it doesn’t happen nothing more. So, I don’t know how to solve it either. In your case, Cris, I think we are stuck, and we agree that you are one of the people who in the last galas has had the songs most in favor of your style. And I see you flat. It should have been easier to see evolution, and I wouldn’t want any of you to leave here the same way you entered. You’re perfect, but we’ll stop there. “Chiara, you haven’t had a very powerful week and that has won you over on stage… A bad personal week has dragged you down, I think,” the two teachers have agreed. “There are many people who sing well, but you have to do a little more and you can do it,” he encouraged the contestant.

Hungry Heartby Naiara and Lucas

“It transmits a lot (the chemistry you have is amazing), but we can’t afford that out-of-tune note, Lucas; especially when we’re still. What perplexes us is that the jury did not nominate him (and it is not an attack on them). We, from within, did not understand… Red card… Musical police!”Manu joked a little, “there has been a blockage with that entry, but that’s it. From today on, let’s focus on the new, because you have plenty of potential and talent. But keep in mind that this cannot happen again “, has added.

Slomo, by Ruslana

“It’s incredible, with the dancers and everything. It’s not the result of chance; it’s a result of working hard, rehearsing and repeating, repeating, repeating… and that’s how this happens. Don’t trust yourself, keep going like this, because With this capacity for work and the right level of ambition, you will get where you want. And you are 18 years old…“, they have let Ruslana know with immense pride.

Only youby Bea and Violeta

“I like it, man. And you haven’t let the feeling of not connecting with the song take you away,” they explained to Bea. “The epic and emotional number is achieved, you have put the limits to the belting and it has been an important technical challenge“added Guix. “It’s very good,” said Galera.


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