The ‘OT 2023’ contestants speak out about ‘Zorra’: will it be understood at Eurovision?

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The theme of moment is the choice of Bitch by Nebulossa to represent Spain in the Eurovision Song Contest. In recent days, the decision made by the public and the jury at the Benidorm Fest has become an almost state matter and, as it could not be otherwise, it also had its little bit of prominence in the WECB Basic Santander by David Bisbal.

At one point during the night, Tony Aguilar asked the man from Almería if he had heard the song. The artist acknowledged that he had not yet been able to because he had been very busy with his business. Those who did speak out on the matter were those invited to this new event with the most special format of WECB.

‘OT 2023’ thinks about ‘Zorra’

Several contestants from OT 2023 They posed at the photocall and we took the opportunity to take out the microphone and find out their opinion on this topic that has now become, no matter what, a feminist anthem. “I hope it is understood because it has a very cool, quite positive message and it is time for women like this to act the way they are acting and take the message to all possible homes,” she said. Alex Marquez.


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They are on the same page Salma and Violeta. “It is not so important whether the song is understood or not, but that it represents us, that it represents the current situation of our country, and the message it carries is impressive,” said the singer of Looks at her, to which Violeta added: “Anything that involves sending a message seems fantastic to me. I think it will be understood. The message is clear and simple for anyone who wants to understand it. If you don’t want to understand it, you won’t understand it.”

Dulceida also thinks

A couple of days ago there was a stir over María Pombo’s opinion without having heard Bitch. Dulceida, another of the most important influencers on social networks, on the other hand, has done her homework and gave her approval to the Spanish candidacy for Eurovision 2024 in WECB Básico Santander, although, as her girlfriend acknowledged, at first His favorite was the proposal led by Angy. “I think it’s great. It is a song about freedom and it is very powerful. “Go for it all.”


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