The proposals discarded from Benidorm Fest 2024: these are the songs that were not selected

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On November 11 we met the 16 artists and groups candidates to represent Spain in the Eurovision Song Contest 2024. AlmarcorAngy Fernández, Dellacruz, Jorge González, Lérica, Mantra, María Pelae, Marlena, Miss Caffeina, Nebula, NoahQuique Nice, Roger Padros, Sofia CollSt. Pedro and Yoly Saa will meet at the beginning of next year in the Alicante city to present their proposals and have the opportunity to compete for the coveted crystal microphone.

To find out the songs with which they will participate we will still have to wait until next December 14. On the other side of the coin, Some of the artists who sent their proposals and have not been selected have used social networks throughout these days to share fragments of their songs. These are some of the songs that were not selected:

1. DeTeresa

The Madrid-based singer and songwriter released her first song on platforms, Paralelo, a little over three years ago and this November she will release her first EP. She was so committed to her candidacy that, as she herself says in the video she shared on social networks, they already had a set designer and choreographer for her proposal., which will be released very soon. A pop song with electronic overtones that can remind us of artists like Julieta or Belén Aguilera.

2. Ariann Music

Singer, songwriter, musician, dancer and content creator, Ariann Music has more than a million followers on social networks and has just released her latest single Nobody said. In recent days we have seen her on the red carpet at the Latin Grammys in Seville and she assures that, although it has not finally been selected for the Benidorm Fest, the song she presented will be released early next year. Is called For Me and combines percussion with electronics.

3. K!ngdom

The band already appeared at Benidorm Fest last year with a song that was not finally selected but that they released at the beginning of this year: AT!KE (What do you care). In this third edition, his name was part of the pools and bets of many fans of the contest, but in the end they were not selected. Through their social networks they released a statement thanking all the support received and, although they assure that The song they presented this year was “a bomb” we will still have to wait a little to hear it.

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4. Kai Nakai

Kai Nakai had one of the most interesting and different proposals in his hands for the Benidorm Fest 2024 edition. The artist from Vitoria, a pioneer in launching reggaeton in Basque, has shared a fragment of Agurthe song with which he tried his luck at the Alicante festival: a mix between urban and electronic music that has conquered us in just 20 seconds and that, he assures, will soon be ours.

5. Noelia Franco

Noelia Franco, whom we met five years ago at Operación Triunfo 2018, This year she came ready to do her bit at the Benidorm Fest with an authentic ballad like the ones that only she has accustomed us to. A song with a very Eurovision flavor that, in the end, has not passed the sieve. We won’t have to wait long to hear it in full: this November 24th it will hit the platforms.

6. Celia Becks

After starting his solo career and saying goodbye to La La Love You, Celia Becks was encouraged to participate in the Benidorm Fest 2024 with a proposal that she herself describes as an “absolutely LGTBI+ anthem”. She puts the indie-electronic touch to this review with I am The Wolfwhich we will be able to enjoy very soon: on November 22nd it will hit the platforms to continue conquering spaces.

What do you think of their proposals?


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