The review of Gala 2 of ‘OT 2023’ leaves several headlines: “You have to assume that the jury may not like you”

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The day after the gala is like a religion in OT 2023 because it’s time to know the exam songs for the next program in one of our favorite activities at the Academy: the distribution of topics. However, first it is time to learn from mistakes by watching the contestants’ performances. Gala 2 left one expelled, a new favorite and two other nominees. The decisions of the jury were decisive for these results, but also that of the faculty. Today it was the turn of Noemí Galera, Manu Guix and the contestants themselves to take stock of what was done on the stage of Triumph operation. The conclusions?

group song

Manu Guix: “It is very difficult to start a gala and have a three-second solo intervention, but you have to raise the level. I can understand that the interventions are not good because of the overexcitement, it is a very short sentence. But it is choral, and “what has been prepared is not there. There is a lot of out of tune.”

Noemí: “In the group you are like: ‘now it’s my turn.’ In some cases you can see that you are waiting for the subway and in the song you have to be inside all the time“.


Manu: “It’s very good, it’s brutal. “It is to be happy with this performance.”

Lucas: “It was the pass that worked best for me.”

Distribution of 'OT 2023' themes  - Gala 3: these are the songs that the contestants will sing
Cast of ‘OT 2023’ songs – Gala 3: these are the songs that the contestants will sing

Ruslana, Chiara and Bea

Ruslana: “I was wrong in the lyrics, it wasn’t noticeable, but I was wrong. It could have been worse, but I don’t want to leave with that feeling that I’m going to be nominated. “The goal this week is to get on stage and be aware of what I do.”

Manu Guix: “It seemed to me a fun number, very well executed, very well sold. There are four tuning things, but overall it’s fine.”

Noemí Galera: “I value that each person, from his father and from his father, connect and go as one with everything. “You three have achieved that.”

Alvaro Mayo and Denna

Manu: “In your favor it must be said that there is a lack of music. This indie song…the music has to be louder and the voice more attached to the base. You were very exposed, you were left with your ass in the air. Obviously there are flaws, but I stick with your attitude of the week. I was amazed at you, Denna. What a shame“.

Denna: “I thought I wouldn’t be able to reach the treble, but the audience doesn’t care if you’re sick and I took it that way.”

Juanjo and Cris

Noemí: “I love doing this program to see things like that. It’s a very difficult song and you do it as if you were going to make toast. I don’t care how you move. You’re both really good, damn it. Stop being embarrassed. I love this and a level…”.

Manu: “It could be a finals performance and we wouldn’t all eat it. Congratulations, it was a great number. Spectacular”.

Alex and Violeta

Alex: “Of the three performances on the show, it’s my best performance. That’s how I feel. There is some detail. I felt the connection that the judges were talking about with Violeta. I’m very happy”.

Violeta: “I have mixed feelings. On the one hand, I see myself as very flat, but I was very comfortable working with Álex. I see it and I do think that I have a thousand things left to improve. I don’t look the way I would like to see myself.”

Manu Guix: “I agree, Álex, you made a good pass. It was the best of the whole week. You are the example of making it to the gala and pam. Are you nominated? What a bitch.”

Noemí Galera: “The jury was talking all the time about the bus pass. Let’s not relax with that, because it seems like they have been plugged in all week. Keep in mind that they see everything and in the end it is a global case for the entire week . Perhaps that is why Álex’s nomination is understood.“.

Manu Guix: “You have to assume that the jury may not like you or like you less. There’s a part of that too. In this case, why are you nominated? There are few out of tune, as they will have their reasons. Maybe they got bored…but this contest is like that.”

Omar, Salma and Naiara

Noemí Galera: “What we heard yesterday on the set…we thought you were nominated, Selma.”

Manu Guix: “There are parts where you disappear. It wasn’t easy, and we suffered through this song during the week. It wasn’t a good pass. Naiara, who never goes out of tune, also went out of tune. There were reasons to nominate the three of you“.

Martin and Paul

Noemí Galera: “I had doubts about this number. I have very much in mind the reference to the movie, but you absolutely made me fall in love with it. As you sell it, the acting…is very good.”

Manu Guix: “I congratulate you, for the performance and for the whole week. You never lost faith, it was a great number“.


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