The song that made Bad Bunny angry: “If you like that shit, get out of this group right now”

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Reggaeton lovers are completely revolutionized. And after a user named Christian Hernández published his song created with Artificial Intelligence, many have realized that it could be his new favorite soundtrack for perreo. He titled it Nostalgiaand in it he has brought together the voices of Bad Bunny, Daddy Yankee and Justin Bieber. A musical bomb!

Each of the verses has conquered thousands of social media users, who have shared their videos using it and repeating all the words pronounced by the supposed protagonists of the song, since we must remember that it is an invention created with intelligent technology. . The song has been so viral that it has reached the ears of Bad Bunny himself, although it has not suited him as well as many thought. (Or so we think)


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♬ original sound – Christian Hernandez

Proof of this is in the words she has shared in her WhatsApp group, where she has made it clear that if you are one of those who cannot stop listening to her, she does not want to have you in her circle of followers. “If you like that shitty song that’s viral on Tiktok, get out of this group right now. You don’t deserve to be my friends and that’s why I made the new album, to get rid of people like that. So chu chu out,” says. “Charros. My God. I don’t want them on the tour either,” he concludes.

Some words that have also revolutionized his followers, since Nostalgia He had conquered the vast majority of them. Even Bad Gyal herself, who shared a video on TikTok using the audio. “I was all excited and then I discovered that she is AI,” she says while repeating the Puerto Rican verses.

But is Bad Bunny referring to that song? After the commotion caused, he has reappeared in the WhatsApp group with the following words: “For those who don’t know what song I’m talking about… I’m talking about the one about the chu chu train and the yellow monkey.” What song is he really talking about?

Numerous fans of the Puerto Rican have reacted to the words of their favorite artist, and without a doubt there are two clearly divided sides. On the one hand there are those who do not agree with his statements. “Bad Bunny complains a lot because people are liking the song x ia more but if they prefer a song by ia rather than the ones you make, worry because you’re doing something wrong with your music,” says a user. On the other hand, there are those who defend the position of the bad rabbit. “Those of you who say that Bad Bunny’s song made with AI is much better than the entire album, go to the pharmacy to get something for your ear wax,” says a follower.

And you do you think?


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