The Veronicas premiere “Detox”

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“Detox” comes as a preview of what will be their new album.

The pioneers of pop rock The Veronicas They made a surprising return to the music scene on October 20, 2023 with the premiere of their single “Perfect” he single main feature of what will be his next album presentation,gothic Summerwhich will be released in March 2024 via Big Noiseat the same time, This caused a hysteria in the fans, reminding them of the importance of the presence of The Veronicas for the pop scene.

Today The Veronicas brings the second single, “Detox”as part of what will be his new album and available on all digital platforms, “Detox”, is a wild fusion between the duo’s characteristic pop-rock where genres such as punk, ska, poetry and skate also converge and where they dare to mix genres and sounds without fear and defying any expectations of pop conventions. The single is also an exploration of the chaos and hypnosis of toxic relationships, with provocative verses like “I’m on my knees, I’ll never leave. “I love my friends like I love all my enemies.”

“Detox” is also a single which bears witness to the girls’ historical love for composing songs that fuse genres and push artistic boundaries, this will undoubtedly be the song of yours. Gothic Summer.

The video clip for the song was made with the Australian professional BMX cyclist who also became the director of the clip. Pat Freyne, and was heavily inspired by the struggle of keeping your head above water that is the energy of the song. Taking many references from Quentin Tarantino’s iconic dance scenes, The Veronicas They explain what the vision of this video clip was for them.

We contrast wide shots with extreme close-ups and purposely improvise dance scenes to encourage the physical and emotional reflection of the moment. A mix of ’60s choreography, fused with some Michael Jackson kicks and plenty of energy, to encapsulate the song’s emotional fighting volatility. The video ends with an explosion of underwater color and sinking euphoria at the change in tempo, yielding to the push-pull cycle of the song’s lyrics.”

Expectations are justly high for the album Gothic Summer of The Veronicas, which will be released in March 2024. They remain one of Australia’s most valuable exports. from Minogue Kyliewith countless international awards and chart-topping songs. Billboard to his credit. The Veronicas have also announced plans for a US tour in the spring, to be followed by shows in the EU in the summer.


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