This is how ‘Todo Cambia’ sounds, the first crack of ‘La Jauría’ by Dani Fernández

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Dani Fernández has released The pack and there is no turning back. This Thursday we will be able to hear the first crack of that small glass cage in which he is locked up and from which he intends to free himself from the judgment of the most critical views of society.

Such liberation will begin with Everything changesa single that he will present in the heart of the capital of Spain. This January 18, at six in the afternoon, the Plaza de la Luna will host a very special event led by the musician from La Mancha. Anyone who wants can come to this location because access is completely free, no invitation is necessary.

But before, The artist has visited other streets and places in Madrid to leave us a few glimpses of what this first single sounds like.. “I don’t remember if I ever did it. I tried everything and it’s not enough. You want to stop me from coming out. You were telling me about a place that you loved. I could feel you going down my throat. I don’t know who you are and I don’t need it. “It doesn’t convince me and then everything changes.”he shared a couple of days ago on his social networks.

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From the Príncipe Pío metro, Dani has moved to the Royal Palace, folding chair and guitar in hand to perform a bit of the song. “This is La Jauría. This is the city. Sometimes it gives us and sometimes it takes from us. That’s how we are. Lost among so many people. Among so many opinions. Among so many judgments”.

This new project comes with many new features under its belt. The first of them, his recent paternity. With the birth of Belize, her first daughter with fellow singer Yarea Guillén, has surely changed her way of seeing life; Hence she wanted to wipe the slate clean on Instagram, to mark in a very clear—and visible—way the beginning of a new life and professional stage.


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