This is why some people stopped following Billie Eilish

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Questioning sexual orientation makes you indifferent to their abilities.

In November, Billie Eilish had an interview with the magazine Variety, where she mentions being physically attracted to women, matter-of-factly asking “Wasn’t it obvious? I didn’t realize people didn’t know that”; And in the middle of 2023, sexual orientation is the least relevant thing in a person, however for the American media it was not like that, those who took it as “Billie Eilish coming out of the closet”.

In that interview she also mentioned that for many years she wore baggy clothes to hide her figure, as well as the struggle she has had over her appearance and never feeling desired or feminine.

“I have to convince myself that I am a pretty girl,” she mentioned.

What began in a comment with a mocking and meaningless tone, ended with a notorious and well-justified disagreement of Eilishwho did not hesitate to express it on social networks.

Thank you, Variety for giving me this award and also for outing me on a red carpet at 11 in the morning instead of talking to me about anything that really matters. I like men and women. Please leave me alone, who cares.”

seven awards Grammy a documentary, being #16 in the world ranking of Spotify, the countless hits she has had at her young age, would have been less invasive topics for Eilish. With the polarity of ideals in the world, there were those who empathized with the discomfort and showed their support for the interpreter of “Bad Guy”; Many others decided to stop following her.

While this unnecessary and embarrassing moment passes, we leave you Eilish’s latest single “What Was I Made” Press play!


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