This was Taylor Swift’s first concert in Buenos Aires

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It’s official! Taylor Swift has returned to the stage The Eras Tour after two months of rest and he did it through the big door: visiting Argentina for the first time with three consecutive nights hanging the sign of sold out tickets at the River Plate Stadium in Buenos Aires.

On the night of this November 9 we witnessed his first show, a concert on which his followers placed many expectations: Thousands of fans theorized on social networks about the live premiere of a video clip for Now That We Don’t Talkwhich is expected to become the focus single of 1989 (Taylor’s Version) after a change of plans with Slut! However, at the moment we still do not have a video clip for this re-recording.

Despite everything, our favorite blonde’s first concert has been unforgettable for her attendees. From fans singing All Too Well in the queues at the venue, to the fans without tickets who gathered around the stadium to be part of the experience and applaud the singer from a distance, the first night of The Eras Tour in Argentina has left us great images.

A concert in which Taylor Swift has premiered two new outfits during the set lover: the pink bodysuit with which she appeared in front of more than 80,000 people and a new jacket during the song The Man. The surprise songs during the acoustic set, for their part, have been The Very First Night (in honor of his first night in the country) and Labyrinth.

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All this in a show where in most of the videos shared on social networks you could barely hear Taylor’s voice or the music from the speakers due to the strength and desire with which the Argentines intoned each phrase. Something that Taylor herself has commented live, that she has also been encouraged to speak in Spanish at specific moments of the concert. One of them? During the presentation of the extended version of All Too Well: “do you have 10 minutes?” she asked.

An experience that Argentines will enjoy for two more nights, before the arrival of Taylor Swift and The Eras Tour to Brazil, where they will visit the cities of Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo from November 17 to 26, their last dates of this 2023. Before this happens, however, a new question and fan theory falls on tonight’s concert: will he announce Reputation (Taylor’s Version)? We will know soon.


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