This will be Aitana’s performance at the Sanremo Festival in Italy

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Aitana is clear about her next goal: to become an international superstar. After conquering the Spanish and part of the Latin market, the Catalan company continues to open horizons. In fact, the singer is in Los Angeles, working on her new music. We’ve even seen him posing at a Lakers game!

But it doesn’t stop there, Aitana also wants to win the hearts of Italians. Like other career colleagues such as Ana Mena or Lola Índigo, the interpreter of Alpha could set foot in the Italian music industry. And I would do it in a big way!

And Aitana, as reported by the Italian media Rai 2, will be in San Remo, the famous music festival in Italy. As the artistic director of the festival has confirmed to the Italian music radio, Aitana will be singing in the contest (where the Eurovision candidate comes from. “Sangiovanni with a famous Spanish singer, who is Aitana, they will do a medley of Farfalle and Butterfliesthe Spanish version,” says the director.

If this is so, it will be the first time that Aitana performs in Italy. And he will do it with one of his professional colleagues! And she and Sangiovanni made a very good tandem in their 2022 collaboration. It is not strange that the two artists sing this song in Sanremo (although it will be two years old in May) and Sangiovanni presented the song at this same festival in the 2022 edition. In this way, the Italian artist would close a circle.

It would not be, by any means, the first time that the two artists sing this song live. At the 2022 WECB Music Awards, Aitana and Sangiovanni defended him on stage.

Of course, don’t expect Aitana and Sangiovanni to start dancing in the middle of the stage or for super elaborate scenery to appear. The Sanremo festival is known for the importance given to songs and, although its stages are wonderful, they cannot be changed. At most the lighting.

When will Aitana sing in Sanremo?

Aitana will be at the Festival’s covers night, where the 30 festival contestants have to invite other artists to perform a song (it doesn’t matter if it’s theirs or someone else’s). And when is this celebrated? Well, Friday, February 9. The festival will be held at the Ariston Theater in the city of Sanremo. If you want to see the performance, you can follow it through the main Rai channels. In addition, it will surely not take long for them to upload the moment to social networks.

Sangiovanni thanks Aitana

Sangiovanni wanted to thank Aitana on his social networks for having opened the doors of music in Spain. With these words, the Italian confirmed the presence of the Catalan at the music festival: “You have given me the opportunity to make myself known to another country and to those who do not listen to Italian music and I have never thanked you enough. I feel honored to have you on stage with me in Sanremo I am convinced that all the Italians who do not yet know you will realize what a star you are.”

The Alpha singer responded with the following: “I’m dying, Sangiovanni. See you in Sanremo.” We will see them there.


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