“Unbelievable! Zamdane opens up in Printemps – You won’t believe what he reveals!”.


Zamdane Returns with First Single from Upcoming Album

Renowned Marseille rapper Zamdane released the first single from his upcoming album, Printemps, along with the accompanying visual, on Thursday, February 1st.

Zamdane has always cultivated his uniqueness in the French rap scene through his sensitivity, experiences, and melodic sense, effectively appealing to a diverse audience. By blending Arabic and the French language, Zamdane has been able to reach two different markets and connect with a heterogeneous fan base.

After dedicating 2023 to the release of the third season of his series, Affamé, the French-Moroccan artist is finally ready to return with a full-length album. His remarkable live performance of Mélancolie criminelle, accompanied by Sofiane Pamart on the piano, on the international platform COLORS, has laid the foundation for his new project.

Zamdane’s latest single, Printemps, produced by Thug Dance and Azrel, showcases the richness of his technical skills, combining emotions and captivating sounds. The accompanying music video, directed by Roxane Peyronnenc and the artist himself, features Zamdane in various locations around the world, including Marseille’s Prado beaches, the desert, and a polar region.

Overall, Zamdane continues to impress with his artistry, and the new single Printemps is a testament to his versatility and creativity..

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