Usher teases his Super Bowl 2024 performance

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Rapper Usher will perform the SuperBowl halftime show in February 2024. A consecration for an established artist who seems up to the challenge.

The news broke in October. Next year, Usher will perform the Super Bowl halftime performance. A task that Rihanna handled brilliantly last year.

The Barbadian singer has set the bar high but Usher does not blush in the face of this challenge, at least that is what he says. “ It’s a celebration of my heritage. It’s a celebration of my music. It’s the celebration of my passion “, he declared to Entertainment Tonight. “ Thirty years ago this journey began and it brought me to this moment in my life, the Super Bowl. Lots of songs, lots of moments, lots of dancing, lots of energy. »

But for the artist who has just completed his visit to France, the hardest part was surely selecting the titles to be staged from his long discography. “ You have 13 minutes to go through an entire musical heritage “, he says, “ Having my friends and new people to party with is ultimately what motivates me and what builds my anticipation and excitement. I don’t take this moment for granted. My mother told me about this moment many years ago and I thought it might never happen. It was just a matter of time and making sure the time was right. »

Concert and album, Usher pulls out all the stops for the Super Bowl

While he has yet to reveal any of the secrets behind the performance, Usher said he has received numerous phone calls from people with whom he has previously collaborated. We should therefore expect surprise appearances on February 11, 2024 in Paradise, Nevada. His album “Coming Home” is also expected to be released on this occasion.

This moment, this part of my life, is a coming home experience. When I think about where I started and how those 30 years of evolution brought me back home… That’s part of the reason I called this album “Coming Home.” “, he explained to AND. A year that promises to be busy for the King of RnB!


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