VASCO ROSSI releases the video for “Vita Spericolata” for the first time (Watch the video)

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On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of “BUBBLES”, the video of Reckless life.

“BOLLICINE 40th RPLAY SPECIAL EDITION” has recently been published in 3 renewed physical formats (CD, vinyl and numbered limited edition box) and for this important anniversary it also adds a new video of one of the symbolic songs of the album and of the entire career of Vasco.



This is the single with which he returned to the stage of the Sanremo Festival in February 1983, upsetting the bourgeois respectability of those years, which had never had a video clip before.
An existential claim and a true manifesto of the nascent youth rebellion against an already preordained and predictable future.

The story of how “Vita Spericolata” was born is well known. Vasco had Tullio Ferro’s audition with the music of the song in his hands and he had been trying to write the lyrics for months. Until that summer afternoon in 1982, when Vasco was in Cagliari for a concert and it started raining so hard that the show was cancelled. So Vasco found himself in the car alone, in an unknown place, moreover in the pouring rain, thinking back to that text that didn’t arrive and he asked himself: “What do I want?”. The answer he gave himself naturally corresponds to the title of the song that he began to write right then and there, in the passenger compartment of the car stopped on the side of the road while the storm raged outside.

The animation video produced by Chiaroscuro Creative draws inspiration from this story, as director Arturo Bertusi tells us, the images of a young Vasco struggling with the creative process alternate, like fragments of dreams, with visions that arise from his own pencil; these are apparently negative or very dangerous situations which, thanks to the true meaning of the song, ultimately reveal themselves to be something different from what they seem.

Arturo Bertusi says:

The concept of the video has to do with the wrong interpretation of the song at the time it was released: initially it was read by the right-thinking people of the time as a hymn to self-destruction and getting high.

And instead the true meaning of this song is an invitation to life, to live freely and fully, emancipating oneself from conventions, from the superstructures that lead to a flat existence.

To do this it is inevitable to take risks.”

Thus, in one of these micro-stories, the crash test robot decides to rebel and escape towards freedom, rather than passively crashing into a wall as its destiny would have it. The message is an exhortation to take control of one’s existence: «The song perfectly captures the spirit of those early Eighties. After the years of lead, many of the ideals of 1968 began to fall and there was a great desire for redemption, to dream, to have a bright future ahead” continues the director.

The Roxy Bar in Bologna appears in the video, which has nothing to do with that of “Vita spericolata”, in which the song by Fred Buscaglione is quoted, but which nevertheless became part of the myths that revolve around Vasco; there is also a tribute to an authentic “reckless” girl from the past: Amelia Earhart, the first woman to cross the oceans alone driving an aircraft, between the 1920s and 1930s.

At the end of the film, from an imaginary “time elevator” in which all the characters find themselves in the present, we see today’s Vasco emerge together with them, forty years after that rainy day, ready to go on stage.

Bertusi wrote the story with Veronica Raimo, the screenplay with Valentina Gazzoni and Tommaso Arosio. The animation video was also born from the joint work of several hands – an international team of artists between Modena (Delumen), Milan (Matteo Manzini) and Canada – and sees the mix of different techniques, from 2D, to 3D, to scanning 360° of Vasco’s face and body to transform it into a cartoon (as happens with the great Hollywood stars!).


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