VASCO ROSSI sold out seven out of seven concerts in Milan (Info and tickets)

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Vasco Rossi reaches a new record: 7 sold out in Milan at San Siro for his Vasco Live.

After the “6 like 6” times in 2019, Vasco beats himself by establishing a new record at San Siro: 7 concerts, which are set to be the 7 SUPER E20s of SAN SIRO 2024.

And thanks to which, the number of times Vasco “owned” the stadium will rise to 36 for a total of over 2 MILLION spectators ONLY at San Siro.
Just like San Nicola in Bari, it will be busy for a residency lasting over a week: 25 – 26 – 29 -30 (three dates are already sold out).


Until 1990, stadiums were the prerogative only of international artists, Italians were allowed discos or at most sports halls. Vasco reversed the trend that July 1990, filling the stadiums of Milan / San Siro and Rome / Flaminio to capacity and even beating his idols, the Rolling Stones.

Always a trailblazer, he is happy to have paved the way for Italian rock stadiums and festivals from then to today.

He reiterates his role as record holder this year in Milan and Bari with 7+4 “SUPER E20”, as he likes to call them on Instagram, winking in amusement at those who are climbing the mountain, with a beautiful path beaten years ago by he.

Self RECKLESS LIFE – «the song that changed my life» – consecrated it (and 40 years later it is still there intact, unmissable in the setlist), 1990 is the year of the turning point, of the official proclamation, from rocker to rockstar.

Would he have ever imagined it? It was the dream that came true, but he worked for it and earned the title of KO Mandante on the field.
With many songs that have become immortal thanks above all to word of mouth about the concerts, the people who went went home enraptured and talked about it.

In these 40 years, Vasco has been able to create, and make it grow together with him, a people who follow his KOMandante everywhere and from year to year they book themselves for one or more concerts… sight unseen, because we know that a concert of Vasco is the most powerful and exciting rock show in the world.


The set list is still top secret, around 30 songs selected from the 200 he wrote.


07 June Milan San Siro Stadium
08 June Milan San Siro Stadium
11 June Milan San Siro Stadium
12 June Milan San Siro Stadium
15 June Milan San Siro Stadium
19 June Milan San Siro Stadium
20 June Milan San Siro Stadium
25 June Bari San Nicola Stadium
26 June Bari San Nicola Stadium
29 June Bari San Nicola Stadium
30 June Bari San Nicola Stadium

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