Vianney: why is the singer so discreet about his private life?

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As he returns to his red coaching chair for the 13th season of “The Voice”, this Saturday February 10 on TF1, Vianney explains why he wants to keep his family life private.

Since 2021, it is clear that Vianney has made fewer and fewer appearances and has even decided to stop touring for a while. The reason: to concentrate on his family life. Father-in-law and dad of little Edgar, the 32-year-old singer flourishes in his role. While he announced his return to “The Voice” with a post highlighting his little boy, the interpreter of “Moi Aimer Toi” spoke about his fears related to sharing his privacy.

And as an artist, even if it is not always easy, he works to best combine his career and the tender moments spent with his family. “ I work a lot, but I’m still at home every evening because the studio is next to my house. And every morning I spend time with my family. “, he explained in an interview with the magazine “Nous Deux”. Despite everything, the father is not in the mood to reveal too much.

It’s a protective instinct, nothing more. As the majority of people are kind, I want to share intimate things. You don’t realize until you have an audience that it’s a real connection. (…)“, he explains before qualifying, “ But there is a minority who can scare me, who steal the privacy of a 30 year old guy who just writes songs. It’s true that it brought out things in me that I don’t like. So I focus on the positive, real people. With the others, the paparazzi, we cannot find ourselves on a human level. Our values ​​are too far apart. “.

We cannot therefore expect the singer to invite social networks to occupy an important place in his family life.
If we love him, we love him as an artist and that’s it.

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