Vicco at Benidorm Fest 2024: “I write songs so that my exes listen to me”

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Vicco’s life took a 180 degree turn just a year ago. The Catalan appeared at the second edition of the Benidorm Fest with Nochentera. What she did not expect was that the RTVE contest was going to change the course of her career. Vicco has gone from composing for other artists to being one of the most listened to singers in our country. Something that started in the city of Benidorm with a suit full of glitter, brilli and one of the catchiest choruses in Spanish pop.

Now, a year later, Vicco has returned to the city where it all started: Benidorm. This time she has returned in style, as the star of the festival, the example of how this contest can turn you into one of the singers of the moment: an inspiration for the contestants of the new edition.

To take stock of his success and tell us all the secrets of his first album, Vicco has given us a few minutes at the Hotel Don Pancho:

What is it like to return to Benidorm Fest without the pressure of having to participate?

It’s a beautiful flashback. Arriving it was like ‘how strong that a year ago I came here with two suitcases and a dream and now I return with three and with a year of collecting everything that had been shadowed for many years’. It is very nice to return from another point, from the view back of gratitude and enjoy it without pressure.

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Now that we are in a dressing room, I remember the blue dress, where do you have it stored? Where do you have the WECB Music Awards that you won?

It’s at my parents’ house, my mother has it. It’s like a museum in the music room, where I always compose with the show posters, the awards… The platinums everything… It’s the Vicco museum.

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My parents’ house is the Vicco museum

What is the first memory that comes to mind when thinking about Benidorm Fest 2024?

I think Marshall and Albert, choreographer and creative director. Many sittings thinking about the staging, the moment of creating the show. I think that is one of the most beautiful.

What will it be like for you to step on stage again tonight? In the end the nerves are different…

They are different, but well, I think that in the end I don’t know how I’m going to feel, I want to feel good, connected with people, but I want to live it without fear. I remember that I had a very bad time, my microphone was shaking, but it came from not doing any show, I was very green. Now I’m back with another roll and with some surprises.

After singing Nochentera so many times, would you change any verse because it sounds strange to you or because you find it strange?

Well maybe the ‘just in case tonight’ sounds like ‘night’ because the strong syllable is the e and it sounds strange. But I like to sing the song.

Is there some economic stability after Nightlight What leaves you calmer when it comes to focusing on your music?

Nowadays, as it is very late in music, I am great, but what is expected has not yet arrived. I still don’t know what it’s like, but hey, I know it gives you peace of mind, but I don’t want it to be a ceiling, I want to make music for people, more than for money. It’s cool to see that in the end I can make a living from music, that after so many years I invest in trips to Madrid from Barcelona, ​​sessions… well, redistribution is coming.

It’s cool to see that in the end I can make a living from music

Which one do you think could take over from Nochentera in this edition? Do you have a favorite topic?

It’s not possible to know this, I didn’t know either that the night was going to be what it was. I think every song has its destiny. There are commercial songs, pop songs, songs about connecting more, about crying… let’s see what the future holds for them.

Are you working on your first EP?

We are just closing the album, which is coming out soon, I still can’t announce the date. But we are finishing the production, I am working with my sister above all. I really want to release it, I have been working on it for two years, composing it and working on it, in fact it was one of the reasons why I showed up at the Benidorm Fest, because I had something of a project and something to show. Also because I really wanted to compose, in the end this year has been complicated with the tour and the events.

Is there time to compose for others?

I have been composing for others for many years. This year and next I want to give myself my space unless I really feel like it or it’s a colleague… but in principle no. Although I’m always open.

Has any artist contacted you to compose with you after Nochentera?

I have received proposals, especially collaborations. The thing is that there was literally no time or space to close anything. I’m focused on the album.

Do you have a concept for the album?

I think it’s cool to make an album right now because it creates a concept, an image, an aura and a vibe. It’s what it takes for people to go see the album. Before, only the album was listened to and now we have to make a claim to make it more attractive. We are working on the creativity of the project. It is an album that is going to talk about one of my past relationships and the entire process of overcoming it. To let go of that person. I write so that my exes listen to me (laughs).

I write so that my exes listen to me

It’s true that people are also starting to talk about your private life, how are you handling it?

It’s funny, but it also shocks me. You have a plan with colleagues, with your people, to Karaoke and suddenly it appears on TV. I guess that’s the price to pay. But hey, I already said it: I am with myself, focused on my project and happy.

You were the opening act for Alejandro Sanz during his Sirope tour, have you met him this year?

We met right at his Latin Grammy party. I really wanted to see him because I hadn’t seen him in a long time. I went to greet him for five minutes and he told me that he deserved everything that was happening to me. He saw beyond that girl. I have a very big inner world and I think it shows in my eyes. The illusion that music makes me.

Speaking of excitement, we recently saw your face in Times Square in New York, what is the most surreal thing that has happened to you?

That is very strong. Is very crazy. I wish I could have been there to see it live. 15-year-old Victoria is jumping. But the most surreal thing… we have a very long list. Right now I’m not falling for it, maybe singing in very crazy scenarios.

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Are you following this new edition of OT?

The truth is, no. Yes, I find out on Twitter and Instagram, because it’s a blast, but I’m locked in the studio composing a lot. And I want to focus on working. But my sister is telling me. I don’t know who is going to win, but this year there is a lot of level. There are loud voices, especially the girls.

Do you see yourself collaborating with anyone?

I just don’t see their projects yet. I have to listen to their songs. I’ve heard Suzete’s, which I love, with Kickbombo. He amazes me. I heard Denna’s first, I don’t know if she has come out, but great songs. Let’s see the rest.

What awaits us from Vicco this 2024?

Now some singles will be released before the album. We have some rooms that make me very excited to give concerts. We opened the tour at Apolo on May 10 in Barcelona and on May 28 at Ocho y Medio in Madrid.


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