Vicco gets wet: Aitana, Rosalía or Lola Índigo, who would you take to Eurovision?

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  • Result of the 2nd semi-final of Benidorm Fest 2024: all the finalists who will compete to go to Eurovision

In the big week of Benidorm Fest 2024 there is a name that has been around a lot in recent months and that could not be missed: yes, we are talking about Vicco. The artist has lived one of the most intense years of her life, and who was going to tell her that the song with which she entered the contest that dictates who goes to Eurovision was going to give her so much. Despite not taking the mini bronze microphone, the artist has taken something more important: the affection of all her fans and that she is the author of one of the most successful songs of the year, Nightingale

Now she has returned to the Alicante city to experience from another perspective what Benidorm Fest 2024 is like. She was responsible for making us dance in the 1st semi-final of the festival and making us shout from the rooftops that Go up mari, go upand now the party continues from the other side.

Within your busy schedule, Vicco has made time for us and has been talking to WECB about his next album: “It’s coming out soon, I still can’t announce the date (…). I really want to release it, I’ve been working on it for two years, composing it and working on it, in fact it was one of the reasons why I showed up at the Benidorm Fest”, he said.

Aitana, Rosalía or Lola Índigo to Eurovision?

Three of the great artists who have been most successful in the last year are Aitana, Rosalía or Lola Indigo. We are not so crazy if we recognize that we have sometimes wished with all our might that they were the ones who would represent Spain in the Eurovision Song Contest.

We wanted to ask Vicco what she thinks and she left us some headlines like: “I think it would be spectacular”; “It greatly defines the level in Spain”; “It would be impeccable”; “It would be amazing, in fact it would be really cool”… do you know who he’s referring to? Press play and discover her answers.


And you, WHO would you like to GO to EUROVISION of the WECB artists? 🎵🎙️ #vicco #aitana #rosalia #abrahammateo #lolaindigo #benidormfest #benidormfest2024 #viccobenidormfest #judeline #los40 #eurovision #eurovisionespaña #eurovision2024

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Second semi-final in sight!

After enjoying a heart-stopping first semi-final where we already know the four artists who will perform again this Saturday, February 3, Nebulossa, Angy Fernández, Sofía Coll and Miss Caffeína, it is time to experience the second part of the show.

This February 1st the 2nd semi-final of Benidorm Fest 2024 will take place in which María Pelae, Dellacruz, MARLENA, st. Pedro, Jorge González, Yoly Saa, Roger Padrós and Almácar will fight for their songs and seek to take them to Eurovision.


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