Video interview – MARTA TENAGLIA: I gave priority to emotions in the rawest possible state

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“After Verecondia” is the new album by Marta Tenaglia, a record that is the voice of the rebirth of the Milanese singer-songwriter.

In fact, it is a new Marta who tells her story through words and music, always faithful to herself but more free. An artist who looked deeply at herself without taking shortcuts, tearing away superfluous layers and manifesting her soul in ten songs of biting, indomitable, courageous purity.

Marta dug deep and deep inside herself, with tenacity and effort, and emerged with ten diamonds in the form of a song.

He decided to show them as they are, in all their painful and wonderful authenticity. Finally without shame, that feeling that for a long time has rigidified and limited her essence, as it often hinders that of many.

This album is a breather for me. The artist tells.

It was born from the desire to work on and in contrasts, inconsistency, in complexity.

I believe among the most difficult things in life is recognizing one’s own beauty in one’s own disharmony and multiplicity.

In the songs I tried to keep the emotions in their raw state, without filtering them or smoothing them out to make them more sustainable for the listener – which is what I’ve always done, trying to protect others from my emotions.

I felt the need to create a space where I could celebrate them all as they are valid to exist.


Entirely written and composed by Marta Tenaglia, who also oversaw its production together with Federico Carillo, with the exception of the song Bambi produced by Carillo with ELASI and Cucina Sonora, with After Verecondia the singer-songwriter re-emerges – just as in the album artwork she emerges from surface of the water – between soft slivers of electronics and iridescent and polymorphic sounds stitched onto personal, intimate and intense lyrics.

A musical world that makes experimentation its guiding star, with enveloping beats just like his voice, whispered and velvety, capable of getting under the skin at the first listen.

Marta moves away from the concept of “beautiful” understood as harmonious, pleasant, pleasant. For me, beauty explodes in my heart, as she sings in the closing track of the album which contains her intentions. She claims the right to inconsistency and research, rejects and goes beyond every comfort zone. She searched for – and found – her inner music, the sound capable of reflecting her soul.

Marta throws off the mask of modesty that society crushes in our faces, that fear of blame that leads to taking on a reserved, modest and fearful attitude, and is free to fly.

He no longer follows models, he doesn’t adapt to the pace of others. He embraces his life, shaking off that paralyzing shame, that burning feeling of inadequacy instilled from the outside, that feeling of constant judgment hanging over every movement, thought, action. He shows his vulnerabilities and emotions like precious jewels, with great personal and artistic awareness, fueled by a desire for sharing and liberation.

We interviewed the Milanese singer-songwriter, here is her story:



The album is a journey, a game of mirrors between the reflections and emotions that led her to full awareness of herself.

It opens with Circean explosion of anger: that sacred anger that must be sanctified, listened to and looked at, which allows you to react and not let yourself be drowned by the world, by patriarchy, by toxic relationships.

That same anger that, shining, saves and makes it take flight, freeing itself from the weights and rubble of the past, finding its way home, as he also sings in Larks.

Window it is a breath of fresh air that helps you make the most difficult decisions, oxygenating your awareness and letting painful situations out of your life.

Marble instead it investigates the mystery of mourning and the importance of recognizing oneself alive in one’s own being temples of fragility, while

Sin sings about a powerful and forbidden love, moving towards more pop sounds until reaching the

delicate depth dthe Infinite Soul, who recognizes the importance of taking time and space, of falling in love with yourself first and foremost and not being in a hurry to live which is then in a hurry to die.

RNM it is a distillation of pride with the essence of resentment, with a driving and dark beat, an exhilarating and seductive spark that leads to the devastation and self-destruction of a relationship.

In Bambi, produced by ELASI and Cucina Sonora, a sparkling sound flows on the keys of a piano telling the story of love and its miracle, its senselessness and its complexity,

while the soft sound waves crescendo of Redemption/Fire they blend into incandescent words of personal vindication: the internal fuse has lit, the fire has broken out, life flows burning and screams in the veins.

And finally Poetics/Manifestoan ethereal hymn to transformation, the end of the album and the beginning of all awareness, sung softly but more powerful than any scream.




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