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PIERPAOLO GUERRINI celebrates over 30 years of career with an album, “FRIENDS”, the first released under his name, full of collaborations of the highest international level.

An album that is a concentration of compositions that range between various musical genres with instrumental pieces featuring friends with whom Pierpaolo has collaborated directly and indirectly during his career.

A record that welcomes, amplifies and brings together different sensitivities, experiences, professionalism and styles, a work that focuses on great audio quality and execution and recording technique, a refined production that combines the electronic world with classical music, discovering you treat the more dynamic side and in others more ethereal, profound and atmospheric.

A journey full of melodic themes written by Pierpaolo, a compositional world that he has carried with him for more than 30 years, developed between friendship and mutual esteem between the protagonists, the desire to exchange ideas, tastes, views and musical techniques and lasting bonds that have given life over time to something that is now called “FRIENDS”.

A musical and personal journey of all the participants to places of the heart and mind, near and far, known and unknown, a choral adventure that aims to involve the listener in atmospheres that can accompany reflections, free emotions, in a sound world that creates stories that invite you to tell and imagine your own.

The variety of musical genres of this album was also born from the experimentation of various productions created over the years in PPG Studios. Each processing phase had a meticulous process, starting from the recording with the band in the studio up to a large string orchestra, to the creation of original electronic sounds, with the synths and outboards largely completely analogue. The recording and mixing process respects a classic procedure as much as possible, starting from the effects used up to more modern processing choices.


International figures such as Hauser, Stephan Moccio, Andrea Griminelli, Alessandro Martire, Stefano Cocco Cantini and CARisMA, and the special participation of ANDREA BOCELLI.


“FRIENDS” is available on very high quality media in Italy and around the world in vinyl versions (Super Audiophile Vynil), CD and Super Audio CD Hybrid Disc, in all digital stores in HD and otherwise, in Dolby Atmos, Apple Lossless and Apple Spatial Audio.

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