Vitaa and Slimane reunited: the singer upset by her friend’s surprise

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Guest of the show “Boite à secrets”, alongside Daniel Guichard and Christophe Willem, Vitaa experienced strong emotions. In particular, she burst into tears at the sight of Slimane who came to perform one of his songs for her.

Three months after the release of her album “Charlotte”, Vitaa is on all fronts. The godmother of the “Star Academy” can congratulate herself on an excellent start for her project, supported by the single “Je ne t’oubli pas” which has sold more than 40,000 copies. Vitaa will also go to defend it throughout France from October and will make a visit to the Accor Arena on December 4, 2024. But before that, she offered herself a nice burst of emotion on the set from the “Boite à secrets”, last Friday, on France 3.

Throughout the show, the singer could not hold back her tears. The star was moved by a message from her kindergarten teacher. She also shared a duet with the great Lara Fabian. But one surprise in particular completely shocked her.

After reviewing images of her legendary collaboration with Diam’s, Vitaa saw her brother at heart arrive behind the black curtain. After laughing and saying “ Can I have some tissues? I’m too emotional », the interpreter of “Ma Sœur” did not expect to see appear, accompanied on the piano, a smiling Slimane on the title “Ton Amoureuse” by Vitaa, who also burst into tears again. A choice which is not trivial since it evokes their indestructible friendship. “ Make a promise not to forget me in your prayers / You know, my Vi I will always be there behind », he sang to her, his voice tight with emotion.

Once her performance was over, Vitaa rushed on stage to hug her long-time friend and partner. And it is with emotion that the singer declared: “ It’s a song we wrote together. He adapted the text! You finished me off. It’s a song that particularly touches me. What an interpretation! Make some noise for my brother please “.
On Instagram, Vitaa shared the sequence, adding a special mention to her friend: “ Thank you my brother for your voice, for these words, I love you “.


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