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What if love stories started with chocolate? This is all in case, what happened to the star Vitaa. Guest on the show “En Apparté”, the singer shared an amusing anecdote about her husband.

For 15 years, Vitaa has become one of the most important stars of the French RnB scene. The recipe for its success? Without doubt a certain authenticity and a real desire to share intimate moments of his life with his fans. However, the singer of Sicilian origins keeps some secrets to herself. Invited on the show “En Apparté”, hosted by Nathalie Levy, Vitaa confided in an intimate and amusing anecdote concerning the loved one of her heart, which she did not think of revealing until now while she is in promotion for her latest album “Charlotte”.

While appetizers are placed on the table, Vitaa discovers with astonishment small chocolate eggs. “ How do you know that? They are linked to my story with my husband. Is that what you’re going to tell me? », she exclaims, smiling before bursting out laughing and coming to her senses: “ I’m shocked you know that. No but really, it’s very intimate “. Amused, Vitaa sits on the sofa and begins to reveal her story.

Where it all began

Really on the other hand I tell the story of the schoko-bons, he is going to kill my husband. You know ? », she announces with irony. At that time, Vitaa says that she honestly didn’t have the spirit to chase romantic dates: “ I was very wild at that time. I didn’t want to meet anyone at all “. Despite everything, the singer caught the eye of a man who would later become the father of her children. “ That is to say, we met a bit by chance because we had a friend in common (…) For a week, two weeks, he courted me on the phone “, she explains before adding that “ he is someone who is very ambitious even in the face of somewhat crazy surprises “.

This is how in the middle of the night, after several hours of driving to Lyon, Hicham Bendaoud came to bring her a packet of schoko-bons to chat with her on her terrace. “ And, at dawn, he left for Paris by car and he said to me: ‘Here it was just to bring you this.’ 400 terminals anyway! Oh, he got me, I won’t hide it from you “. Three months later, Vitaa and Hicham Bendaoud said “yes” to each other for life. Together, they had three children and still enjoy perfect love.

Vitaa is nominated for the WECB Music Awards 2023 in the French-speaking female artist of the year category. To support her, go HERE.


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