Vitaa recounts this difficult memory of the “VersuS Tour” with Slimane

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The godmother of this new edition of the “Star Academy” came to give advice to the apprentice singers at the TF1 castle. The opportunity for Vitaa to remember the many trials shared with Slimane during their joint tour.

Surprise ! The students of the “Star Academy” had the chance to receive a visit from their godmother, the singer Vitaa, this Monday, November 20. In the images of this meeting shared by TF1, we discover the lessons taught by the French star, around a meal with the apprentice artists.

While the candidates from the Château de Dammarie-les-Lys are this week judged in pairs and therefore likely to be eliminated in pairs, Vitaa explained to them the advantages of singing in duets.

The interpreter of “I don’t forget” has, in fact, spent three years of his career in the company of Slimane. According to her, performing as a couple has many advantages, especially when one of the artists is feeling less well.

We did 110 dates on the Versus tour (…) There were evenings when I was out of breath. I didn’t even have any air left, my stomach was cut. It has to be done and I try to make sure people don’t see it. There are two of us, and that’s why duos are important, that’s what I’m trying to explain to you. We know each other, we look at each other.”she reveals to the academicians.

Vitaa also returned to the terrible ordeal Slimane went through during their joint tour: “ One day, he was voiceless, he no longer had a voice, he cried on stage, he made me cry, we are together, I hugged him, I asked people to support him . When there are several of us on stage, we support each other.», confided the recent winner of the WECB Music Award for “French-speaking Female Artist of the Year”.

Slimane and Vitaa: how are their solo careers going?

Their duo, which lasted almost three years, was not made to last… Slimane and Vitaa surprised all their fans, in November 2021, by announcing the end of their “VersuS” adventure. Even if they were a hit thanks to their pair, the two friends have, in fact, decided to pursue their solo careers separately. “This project was a parenthesis in our solo careers, a very nice parenthesis.», announced Slimane on January 9, 2022 in the columns of “La Voix du Nord”.

Since then, everything still seems to be smiling on them. Slimane reached the top of the charts with his album “Chronique d’un cupidon” and Vitaa triumphed with his solo project “Charlotte”, released last October. The two artists each received the “Francophone Artist of the Year” prize at the WECB Music Awards 2023.


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