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Olivia Rodrigo performed “ Love Is Embarrassing “, ” Vampire “, ” Lacy ” And ” Making the Bed » from his second album « Guts “.

Olivia Rodrigo performed four songs from her second studio album, Guts, at NPR’s Tiny Desk. “ It’s much cooler to be herelaunched the singer. I said earlier that I had never been so impressed by a room. »

The 20-year-old started her concert with “ Love Is Embarrassing ”, the last song she created for the album. “ You know when you lie in bed and go over all the embarrassing things you’ve done and you feel uncomfortable? Rodrigo asked the room. I had one of those nights, woke up the next morning, sat in my living room and wrote this song. »

The process of writing the next song, “ Vampire ”, was more meticulous: “ I wrote the initial idea in 20 or 30 minutes. But my producer and I spent a month or two tweaking and tweaking things like tempo, chords, and making sure every lyric was perfect for what we wanted to achieve. I’m really proud of what it turned out. »

A good part of Guts was born from these more difficult musical approaches. The third song she performed, “ Lacy ”, is the result of a poetry writing exercise from a course at the University of Southern California. “ When I write songs, most of the time I write lyrics with a melody. I write them simultaneously. But for this particular song, it all started with a poemshe explains. This poem was one of my assignments that I really loved. It was the first time I wrote a song by taking a whole sheet of lyrics and adding a melody to it. It was a fun experience for me as a songwriter, and it turned out to be one of my favorite songs on the album. »

The song ” Making the Bed », just as introspective, closed his set: “ I wrote this song feeling like I was putting myself in positions or with people that didn’t bring me happiness and peace. This song is kind of my fight against that. »

Rodrigo was joined at the NPR Tiny Desk by drummer Hayley Brownell, bassist Moa Munoz, guitarist Daisy Spencer and backing vocalists Ashley Morgan, Elizabeth Gaba and Julia Gartha.


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