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We have not forgotten, Wejdene, the interpreter of the famous “Anissa” or “Coco”, could very well return soon and in a different genre: R&B.

Sunday evening, while she was live on Tiktok, Wejdene took the opportunity to chat with her community and let them listen to what she is preparing in the studio. And the observation is clear, the 19-year-old singer has indeed decided to have a makeover. Bye bye “Coco” and “Anissa” and hello new sounds.

It seems that the singer, who has been somewhat forgotten in the musical landscape for a little over a year, is returning with a new album. And Wejdene does not intend to deprive himself and embark on the path of the genre that has always pleased him: R&B. She also took advantage of the live performance to let her fans listen to two exclusives. The two leave with two positive opinions, the first is validated by the great SCH and the second is a collaboration with Monsieur Nov. A featuring that will make more than one dance.

Wejdene: “ It wasn’t the music I wanted to make »

During this live, the interpreter of “16” also answered a few questions. She returned to her two biggest hits and explained that in reality she had not liked these titles. “ I didn’t say I wasn’t grateful, but I didn’t like this music “, she admitted before adding, ” It wasn’t the music I wanted to make because it wasn’t even the music I listened to “. An observation which may have surprised fans since despite everything, she continued on this path. She justified herself by explaining that “ When I told them: ‘I don’t want to do this music anymore’, I knew that it was actually not the right time to change. There is a time for everything. It was going to be too sharp for the people listening to me “.

We will now have to be patient before discovering Wejdene’s new project.


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