What St. Pedro said years ago makes more sense than ever after the Benidorm Fest

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St. Peter He is a young Canarian artist who one day dreamed of devoting himself to music. He captivated Juanes on the show The voiceand his reached the ears of Rebeca León, who signed him to spread his talent to other territories.

Pedro traveled, a lot. He spent years away from his family to fulfill his dream, and along the way he performed songs like Phone Sex and Like before, who were presenting us with a hypnotizing and pleasant style of R&B. Years later, St. Pedro has been on the verge of taking the Swedish stage in Malmö.

In WECB we look at that young artist who little by little was becoming a promise. In the middle of the pandemic we interviewed him, and when COVID-19 allowed us to, we invited him to our studios to learn more about this talent. Years later, we have realized that what St. Pedro told us makes more sense than ever.

St. Pedro does not like to follow trends in the industry. He made it clear to us that he lets himself be carried away by what he feels. “With my lyrics I want to be very honest and not tell pure nonsense or bore people”, he said in an Instagram live with WECB Urban. This confidence and security in his project has been what has defined him and what he has achieved so that nothing and no one can stop him. “We have a responsibility to convey to those who come after us that they have to be responsible with their work. It is not simply about making music, but there are processes that must be followed, that everything has its times and that if someone wants to do real business “and making a living from this is much more than just making music and putting it out there.”he added.

These words that he spoke a few years ago have landed in 2024 with more force than ever. St. Pedro hasn’t just made music. He has felt it his own and has made the rest of us make it ours. It is this feeling of feeling identified with what it tells that has made us feel it deeply and decide to bring it to the front of the European public to boast about it.

In 2021, a year after these statements, St. Pedro showed us in an interview that his security was increasing. He did not regret moving to Miami to continue developing as an artist, although it was not an easy task for him. “There was an option to stay in Spain, but I wanted to bet a little harder. I wanted to see if there was something better and I trusted the advice that Rebeca and Juanes gave me. I held on and held on. There is a lot of frustration because in the end you don’t know where to go. “You’re going. You’re living by faith and just having faith, but the opportunity to come here was raised.”he assured.

Consistency, faith, work, self-confidence and a clear dream. St. Pedro did not hesitate at any time and who knows if we will see him again.


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