Where to find merch from your favorite bands for this Christmas

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At a special price, with a discount and last chance.

With the large number of concerts that invaded 2023, you were surely left wanting merch, so we tell you where to get it. The season of shopping Christmas is one of the most intense, we are all looking for something to give at a good price, or to pamper ourselves with something that we want all year long, did you find what you were looking for?

These are some of the bazaars and special merchandise sales that you will find in CDMX:

Vavava Shop

Vavava Shop hosted some of the biggest pre-concert sales of the year: Arctic Monkeys, The Hives, were some of his guests. Now they will have a special sale, All ALV (For Sale), next December 16 and 17. You will find discounts on merchandise, screen prints and accessories, they will also have guests like Rey T-shirt, FRMLL Club, Nakama and Mercadorama.

Live Shows

One of the brands in charge of bringing merchandise to your concerts is Live Shows Merchandisewhich will also have a sale of garage special from December 15 to 17. They will have discounts with t-shirts of $100 pesos or hoodies at $300 pesos. You will find them at Gate 6 of the Sport’s palace.


Merchandise Markets

If you were looking for that creative t-shirt that you couldn’t buy outside the concert, this is your last chance. All sellers, who even arcade Fire and the staff of Taylor Swift They went to visit, they have their merchandise market from December 18 to 23, from 12:00 to 20:00, at Door 4 of the Sport’s palace. You can acquire t-shirts from $50 and sweatshirts from $150.



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