Who is Gale: the Puerto Rican who conquered Juanes and Shakira arrives at the Latin Grammy 2023

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Everything is ready to celebrate the 24th edition of the Latin Grammy Awards 2023 In sevilla. The capital of Seville has been dressing up all week, welcoming some of the industry’s biggest stars and hosting the first events of an agenda full of excitement, surprises and, of course, lots of live music – with performances also in its streets.

Because in addition to celebrating a career as long as that of Laura Pausini, which this year has been recognized as Person of the Year, also recognizes the work of those emerging artists who stand out in a world that moves increasingly at a more dizzying pace. One of the revelation artists of the season is GALEthe Puerto Rican who has captivated great figures of music, such as Juanes, Shakira, Christina Aguilera, Anitta or Pharrel Williams.

This young woman opts for her first golden gramophone as nominated for Best New Artist at the Latin Grammys 2023a category that he shares with Borja, Conexión Divina, Ana del Castillo, Natasha Falcão, Paola Guanche, Joaquina, Leon Leiden, Maréh and Timo.

But… who is GALE? Here we leave you some information so that you can discover a singer with great potential and future projection.

Full name and date of birth

His real and full name is Carolina Isabel Colón Juarbe. He was born on May 16, 1993 in Arecibo, Puerto Rico. Her vocation for music came to her from a very young age, as she grew up in a family full of musicians: her grandfather played the cuatro (a four-stringed instrument of colonial origin, typical of Venezuelan folklore) and her father, the guitar. .

All the winners of the Latin Grammys 2023

She defines herself as “Melodramatic, nostalgic and a happy unicorn.” She is an only child, so during her childhood she enjoyed her own company and gave free rein to writing. At the age of 7 he wrote his first songdedicated to “a boy she was in love with and didn’t pay much attention to.”

At 12, in the middle of his pre-adolescence, he focused his education on the specialization of his great passion. He studied at the Escuela Libre de Música de San Juan, where he learned to play the guitar, classical singing and was part of the school choir. Later, before beginning his studies at university —where he first studied Advertising, in Puerto Rico; and composition later, at Berklee College of Music—he became interested in musical theater, a discipline that helped develop his stage and artistic presence.

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“As if Bad Bunny, Dua Lipa and Avril Lavigne had a baby”

In his last interview with WECB Urban, Gale defined his concept and musical project as “if Bad Bunny, Dua Lipa and Avril Lavigne had a baby. I’m from Puerto Rico, I really like to make those verses with a melodic rap That’s the Bad Bunny-type part. The pop is all over the album, the sound of each song is very pop dance. Fascinates me. And the element of Avril Lavigne… I love punk, the guitar is the punch, that guitar element is present in almost all the songs. And that is the concept. But in terms of lyrics I am a person who loves to write super honestly, the rawest thing I can do. I’m always a little scared of that point and that moment, but I always do it. I feel that, likewise, I overcome those fears that I am feeling and it helps me grow as an artist and they are lyrics that are born from my heart,” he explained.

From YouTube to the Latin Grammy 2023

During his university years, the Puerto Rican began to rise covers in Youtube. Specifically, the one he shared Notheme of Pedro Capocaught the attention of the original author to such an extent that he received an invitation to sing with him at one of the concerts he gave on the Caribbean island.

After self-financing some of his projects through crowdfunding and publishing his first songs online, This 2023 Gale has released his debut album: What I didn’t tell you, which “represents the moment when I decided to choose herself.” The 12 songs on the album talk about everything that happened to him after the breakup of a relationship that was not doing him any good.

This year, she will be presented to the industry at what is considered the most prestigious music awards ceremony in the world, the Latin Grammy 2023. This producer, singer and songwriter is part of the gala performance poster, along with other artists like RosaliaMaluma, Pablo Alborán, Ozuna, Sebastián Yatra and many more.

Ana Mena, the last to fall in love with her

As we have commented in the first paragraphs, Gale has managed to captivate and work with artists of the stature of Anitta, Shakira, Christina Aguilera or Juanes. What’s more, the Colombian was the one who initially signed her for her record company, as he pointed out to Tony Aguilar on his last visit to WECB Global Show last year: “With my brother and with Rafa Restrepo (with whom I work in the management) we have a company called OneSa label where we have a girl called Gale, from Puerto Rico, who is very talented.

And last week, we also saw the young Latina in the company of Ana Mena… and not just anywhere. The two artists, who currently share a label (Sony Music), joined producer Tunvao in a studio in Madrid, which suggests that they could launch a collaboration in the future.


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