Who is Luana, the urban artist that Lali, Rels B, Karol G and Nicki Nicole have opted for

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There are artists who manage to conquer a very wide audience in a matter of a short time. Artists who show their talent to the world and who quickly accumulate millions of views on digital platforms.

This is the case of Luanaa young Argentine who has already conquered artists of the stature of Lali, Relays B, Karol G and Nicki Nicole. She is a composer and multi-instrumentalist who at only 22 years old has earned the affection of the urban music scene. To the rhythm of trap, reggaeton, R&B and popLuana shows that she has great musical versatility and that what one day started as a dream is now becoming a reality.

He began to become known in 2019 after sharing his own versions of some well-known songs on the scene. The piano and guitar became his most faithful companions. Two years later he decided to take the step and inaugurate his musical career with the help of It Doesn’t Come Out of Me, Edged and Let’s not even think about itthree singles that marked the beginning of his path.

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His talent reached more people when he premiered in 2022 Will it be my fault?, a song by RB& that currently has more than 5.5 million views. This prompted him to continue releasing his songs, and that is why singles like Forever, Tell Me, For You and Bellaca.

Luana was already a promise on the urban music scene and her voice reached the ears of international artists such as Lali, Nicki Nicole and Karol G. For the former, she opened the concerts on her tour of Argentina, as well as in the Movistar Fri Music by Nicki Nicole. A la Bichota had the pleasure of opening her show in Argentina in 2022, as well as the Mallorcan Rels B at her concert in the same country.

But Luana’s passion for music is unstoppable. 2023 began with the release of the remix of his hit Will it be my fault? with Luck Ra, Seven Kayne and Lautaro Lopez. He has released his debut studio album From Hell To Heaven and now he boasts of having worked with Nickzzy, Aleesha, Mushkaa and Lalo Ebratt, among others.

Luana’s numbers increase as the days go by. There is no doubt that she aims to become a reference in the urban music scene. And you, have you heard it?


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