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Immerse yourself in the world of Within Temptation, a group that has gone through the fashions and tumults of the industry, to return in full independence, with its eyes fixed on the future. Sharon Den Adel explains it all.

Bleed Out marks a change in artistic direction, can we talk about it?

We have always wanted to change over time and adapt. In twenty-seven years, we have always been interested in new sounds, new technologies and new groups. New blood inspires us. Here we include a bit of metalcore in our music. Of course, it’s not our main style, but we take what we like from it. This is part of our 2023 sound.

You also invited the metalcore group Annisokay in the song “Shed My Skin”. Many different artists have been invited in some of your titles, like Xzibit or Jacoby Shaddix (Papa Roach). How do you choose them.

We happen to listen to a lot of Annisokay, we love their songs and their energy. They also do everything themselves, including their music videos. We asked them, they said yes, so we agreed! Regarding our general choices, we write the pieces first and then ask ourselves who could stick and add something to it. Since Robert Westerholt (guitar) no longer accompanies us on stage, I have always missed the second voice. It adds color to the music. So the guests can bring something live, but also in the studio, due to our exchanges on their musical methods and habits.

What about your recent influences that may have played on the direction of Bleed Out ?

In addition to the metalcore scene we’ve already talked about, there are also other older influences. “Rituals”, with its very forward bass and sensual aspect, is inspired by Type O Negative in my opinion, but this may not be obvious to everyone! (Laughs) There are certain elements here and there that can remind you of other groups, but you have to point them out precisely so that the audience can spot them.

This song is also inspired by the film A Night in Hell by Robert Rodriguez.

This piece presents an atmosphere and a progression that could relate to Une Nuit en enfer. Our new album is covered by serious subjects, such as war, the fights of individuals against regimes which oppress them. And in the middle we have “Rituals”. We imagine that this piece is in continuity and suddenly, we find ourselves in a vampire hunt! This track arrives incongruously, in a way that leaves the listener breathing. He shook his head at all the titles before, but here he can have a drink! (Laughs)

Matthew David

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