X2VR by Sfera Ebbasta comes out on Friday 17 November


X2VR by Sfera Ebbasta comes out on Friday 17 November

“X2VR will be out sooner than you think” with these words Sfera greeted the public who gathered at the Allianz Cloud in Milan last night for the $€ Special Night.

And sooner than we think it’s Friday.

X2VR will in fact be released on Friday 17 November via Island Records.

Sfera takes a step back and returns to its origins by proposing the second chapter of a saga that took its first steps in 2015 with XDVR and which has left an indelible mark in the history of trap and among its millions of fans. The same fans that Sfera Ebbasta, in a sold out Allianz Cloud, wanted with him yesterday to give a first live taste of the new recording project, produced by Charlie Charles and Drillionaire.

The artwork for X2VR was also revealed today – a b/w shot taken by Lorenzo Villa portraying Sfera holding his son Gabriel in his arms – and the tracklist:

1. Fragile

2. Hi Bella

3. G63


5. Even Tonight

6. No Moments

7. Milan Good

8. 3uphon

9. Complicated

10. Goals

11. Calculators

12. 15 floors

A record without featuring then?

It seems strange that Sfera releases an entire album without even one guest. Anything could be, for goodness sake, X2VR could really have no featuring, or they could be announced before Friday, or we could discover them just by listening to the album. After all, the list of guests now takes away attention from the project, makes us focus on the feats, asks ourselves why that one is there and not the other one and no longer makes us listen to a record from start to finish. end, not even at the first listen, because they were too curious to hear the verse of one or the other guest.

X2DVR may not have features, or Sfera may have chosen not to announce them.

Meanwhile, the video trailer of


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