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Starting from Ambra’s team: the song by Angelica it is called “L’interno”, written by Tananai, Davide Simonetta, Paolo Antonacci and also produced by Tananai, it places the artist’s voice and sensitivity at the center and tells the story of some nights which, at times, prove more difficult of others, to the point of pushing one to “punch a mirror” in search of relief and where the pain becomes music.

The duo of musicians Astromare will present the song “Metaverso”, a song written by Alberto La Malfa and Steve Tarta (who oversaw its production) to play down today’s society, exalting and exaggerating some dynamics that still happen today, also to give voice “to all those who want to do what they want”, just like Astromare.

Dargen’s team still has three competitors. With their song “Imma Stunt”, the Stunt Pilots they express the desire to take flight, freeing themselves from the chains of regret, toxicity and shame that have kept them stuck on the ground for too long. Written by them, it represents an awareness of one’s will beyond fear and an act of courage in finally saying what one wants, even if at times one might think that it is now too late.

Written by him and by Leo Pari and Simone Guzzino, The Usual Dandy, publishes “Solo tu”. “Love is everything and everything is love”, this is what my grandmother used to say to the Usual Dandy, perhaps inspired by the Beatles or the episodes of Strangelove with Alberto Castagna. From that moment, the artist has embraced this vision of love as a force capable of making one travel with the imagination, transforming even the simplest situations into something surreal.
The song “Solo Tu” reflects precisely on this experience: feeling good with someone to the point of confusing ideas and making everything incredible.

Finally “Lacrime” is the song by SEPTEMBER, a nostalgic piece, authentic and without frills.
“LACRIME” is a song that addresses the theme of shortcomings, nostalgia and resignation in the face of the persistence of people in our minds, even when they are no longer physically present.
The song focuses on fragility, without fear of being judged, and clearly represents Andrea’s feelings towards a person who is no longer with him, unable or reluctant to tell him: “I love you every night”.

For Fedez’s team: The song by SARAFINE “Malati di Gioia” is written and produced by the Calabrian singer-songwriter herself and explores the life of the generation born between the 80s and 90s, especially those who grew up in the province with bourgeois expectations. SARAFINE reflects on her own path, taken out of a sense of duty, often feeling out of place, and invites us to accept unconventional joy, hoping to give a smile to those she shared.

The latest unreleased song is CRUSH by Maria Tomba who found inspiration for this piece in a real night experienced by the artist, during which she crossed the curfew confines of the nuns’ boarding school she attended to go to a club for a drink, she found herself faced with two fascinating eyes that they stared at her, triggering an immediate and overwhelming “CRUSH”.
“CRUSH” immerses itself in the experience of a nocturnal adventure, characterized by love at first sight, mental movies and unreciprocated love infatuations.




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