Yoly Saa bets on love in her candidacy for the Benidorm Fest in ‘No Se Me Olvida’

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Like many artists, Yoly Saa He began his path in music by uploading versions to social networks and playing in the Madrid metro, but it was thanks to Opening Windowsa project that launched Andres Suarez in 2018, in which the winner became the opening act for the Galician singer-songwriter during some of his concerts, when he began to professionalize his career. From that moment on, the Pontevedra native did not stop making music and signed with the record company Warnera step that ended up giving him the push he needed to relaunch his songs.

With the support of several artists such as Martha Soto either Dani Fernandezin 2020 Yoly Saa He launched Magmaa six-song EP and in 2022 his first album, by blows of faith, which includes eleven unreleased songs. In addition, she has participated in the composition of songs for established artists of the Spanish industry such as Luz Casal either Malu.

And this past November he announced his participation in the Benidorm Fest 2024 with I Don’t Forgeta love theme that you won’t be able to get out of your head.

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This is ‘No Se Me Olvida’

The song of Yoly Saa is one of the most exciting proposals of the next edition of the Benidorm Festival. I Don’t Forgetproduced by Ale Acostaof Fuel Fandango and Khottom Palmwho has also participated in the compostivia part along with the Galician artist, is according to herself yoly “the best he has composed.”

Without a doubt, what draws the most attention about the song is the lyrics, full of great emotional charge and which blend perfectly with the artist’s voice. Added to this is the powerful staging that symbolizes the sensitivity of the lyrics. In relation to the live performance that we can see on the stage of the Benidorm Festival Next February 3rd, the day of the grand final, Yoly Saa It will incorporate rhythmic elements based on taikos, a large Japanese drum that emits deep and intense sounds.

“It is the only way to enter Benidorm Fest. I am very proud“said the singer of I Don’t Forget at the official press conference. From the organization of the festival, they have explained that “Yoly Saa has demonstrated her great sensitivity both in his solo works and for other artists, among whom are Luz Casal and Malú.”


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